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iBook speaker balance trouble

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jhomayne, Mar 6, 2006.

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    I've been experiencing a strange problem whereby the balance on my iBook's speakers shifts slightly to the left or right without me going into System Preferences. At first I thought it was one of my speakers dying but I was just checking out SP one day and found the balance to be off.

    Any else had any similar experiences or know of a fix?
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    I've had a similar problem with my PB. Every single time I go into Sys Prefs and look at the balance, its slightly shifted to the right. Every single time, inspite of me correcting it every time I see this :confused:
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    It's a bug that occurs when you rapidly adjust your volume up or down. My iBook does it. Apple did get rid of this problem in the past, but it somehow came back. Just deal with it for the time.
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    yeh, this is happening to me as well on my powerbook.

    Is it only certain computers that are affected? Or is it anything running OS X?
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    Nope, it's a Tiger bug, so anything running Tiger is basically affected. Only happens to me once and a while now though, used to be a lot worse. The popping issue when changing volume rapidly on battery is a worse issue...
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    I have also had this problem with my iBook. Good to see I'm not the only one who this is happening too.
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    thats strange...ive never heard of anything like that. i can see why it would be annoying, especially if u listen to music alot
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    I've had this same problem and its like I move my finger over a part of the ibook, like near the screen, and it shifts my sound or something. I experienced the problem until I started using my earphones, hasn't done it since I plugged my earphones in. I dunno, its so strange though, I had the same problem. Just make sure no other apps are accessing it.
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    Matt W

    Similar problem

    I had a similar problem last night - I plugged in my headphones and noticed only the right channel was working. I was gutted as it is a new iBook and thought it would be a warranty job with a replacement motherboard but then noticed it was doing the same with the speaker too. Turned out the balance had shifted all the way to the right.
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    You probably only noticed it when you used your headphones. That's how I first noticed it, but I was then able to pick it out on the speakers. It's not because you put your finger over a specific spot on the iBook, it's the rapid changing of speaker volume.
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    People have told Apple about this, so I'm sure it will be fixed within the next update or two, if not.. then in Leopard.
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    Well, actually I've listened to music through my speakers, ran my finger across the system and next thing I know my volume has been shifted, I dunno why, but its weird. I reset my PRAM thinking that would help and it did for a while.
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    I have similar problems. Occasionally, the sound on my iBook will switch all the way to the left and I have to change the balance.

    I also have the popping. It happens right after I boot up the system, and I'm not sure if it depends on the power source or not, I haven't thought about that. But when I first load it up, I sometimes change the volume, and it changes very slowly and makes low popping noises. After a few seconds, it makes a loud pop and then it's back to normal until I reboot it again. I think it has something to do with loading because if I boot it, wait a while, then try to change the volume, there is no problem.
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    I never had a problem like this until I put Tiger on my iMac G5. Hard to believe it goes back to 2002.

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