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iBook to iMac file transfers (plus broadband)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Qoxiivi, Dec 1, 2005.

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    I should be expecting delivery of my new iMac any day now and was wondering what the best way is to transfer all my files across. A friend suggested using my iPod but I didn't think that worked for music files as the iPod was designed so that you can't duplicate them (copy them from computer to computer). Also, I don't want to have to spend hours copying all my music (20+ gigs-worth) over using my flash drive. Is there a way I can connect the two together - like a firewire 400 - firewire 400 cable or something similar? And if so, do I just turn both computers on and then plug them into each other, plus, where (in the UK) is the best place to buy such a cable?

    Also (as if that weren't enough) I've got a quick query about transferring broadband. I have a PC in my house that I use to connect to the internet, for which we have ntl broadband. For various reasons, this needs to remain the main computer for the house, however, is it possible for me to stick the ntl CD into my new iMac, set all the gubbins up, and then plug in the modem so I can perform software updates and other web-related shenanigans? I tried this with my iBook a while back and everything was going fine until I hit an error that I couldn't overcome. I'm taking this as a quirk on my iBook's behalf and not as a problem with the practice per se - as I can't imagine that if you replaced computers you wouldn't be able to transfer the broadband service you're already paying for. With this in mind, it seems logical to me that you should be able to switch the service you already have from computer to computer without any fuss?

    Any comments, hints or solutions would be very gratefully received.

    Cheers :)

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    When you first turn on the new Mac you will be offered the chance to use the Migration Assistant (or whatever it is called).

    You follow the instructions and it copies all your apps/data/settings accross for you. All you need is a FireWire cable.

    Edit: Migration Assistant
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    Cheers - I've just bought a firewire 400 6pin-6pin cable from Amazon. Oh, along with Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. But that's beside the point really. I've just been meaning to buy it for ages that's all.

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    If anyone's got any clues about the broadband query I'd be very grateful - I'm perplexed as to why it didn't work with my iBook and am hoping it'll work with my iMac as they don't come with an internal modem.

    Thanks :)
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    You probably don't need the CD from your provider at all. Is this cable supplied broadband, with an ethernet cable that comes out of your modem and attaches to your PC? If so, you ought to just be able to plug it into your iBook or new iMac and have it work (as long as the Ethernet connection is set up to obtain an IP address via DHCP in System Preferences > Network). You might need to reboot your modem so it recognizes its connected to a new computer.

    If it uses PPPoE or something like that, I have less helpful advice, as I've never used a PPPoE setup before.
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    Thanks Cless. That little snippet of advice really came in handy. I was having massive problems getting the ntl service to work until I was told that I needed a ethernet connection (as opposed to just the regular USB one that works with my PC) so I got an ethernet cable from a friend and tried that. However, I was still having problems so I phoned up ntl help and after a long conversation they told me that I probably had a problem with my Mac's ethernet card. I was just about to ring a friend to ask him how I would go about replacing my ethernet card when I took a last look at your advice and simply tried turning the modem off and then on again - which solved the problem. I am now typing this response from my iBook which, thanks to your help, is now working perfectly with my broadband connection. Honestly, help desks aren't worth a toss.

    Thanks again :)


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