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iBook to PC Printer

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chopsuey158, Aug 29, 2005.

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    I am trying to hook it up so that I can hit print on my iBook and have the document print from one of my printers. I have it set up with my Dad's G3 quite nicely, but the computer has to be turned on for the printer to be recognized. To fix this, I am trying to set up my Mom's HP Officejet 61110xi hooked up to her Dell to serve as a shared printer also (because her computer is almost always on). My iBook recognizes the printer, but it just prints blank pages continuously. I looked for the drivers for it, but can't find them. Does anyone know:
    A) Where I can get drivers for the HP Officejet 61110xi (it prints blank pages non stop right now).
    B) How I can get my Dad's printer to print without his computer turned on (Brother MFC-5100 C).


    iBook G3 500mhz, 572 ram, 80gigs
    4G iPod, 20gigs, 2104 songs
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    I do know this: You can not share printers w/o the main computer turned on.
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    mad jew

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    I haven't tried Bonjour yet, I will...

    I don't have trouble networking or recognizing the printer...just with the driver. Bonjour looks like it will just network the two computers. Let me know if I'm wrong...
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    mad jew

    It's strongly recommended. :)

    Good luck with it.
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    I had the SAME problem with the same printer.

    Conclusion... never got it to work. Tried Bonjour but apparently its for when trying to print to a printer connected to the mac and not vice versa.

    So basically if you can't manually select the driver for the printer I don't think it'll work. I also tried a Canon PIXMA ip3000 with the same results.
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    mad jew


    Not sure where you got that from. My link has a little bit of background on Bonjour for Windows. Simplistically, think of Bonjour as a language all recent Macs use to talk to each other and Bonjour for Windows is (crudely speaking) a way for PCs to talk the same language. :)
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    I got that info when I tried to install it. As far as I know the computer will still need the driver for that printer.

    I had no problem with my computers seeing each other w/o Bonjour.
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    "The Bonjour Printer Wizard will only discover printers being shared by the Mac OS X "Printer Sharing" feature when the Macintosh is running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later."

    "The Bonjour Printer Wizard is also included and allows Windows computers to print to Bonjour networked printers, including USB shared printers connected to the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express Base Stations. Since Apple first launched Bonjour in 2002, every major maker of network printers has adopted Bonjour. With the Bonjour Printer Wizard, computers using Windows can also experience the benefits of effortlessly discovering and printing to these Bonjour printers. "

    These are quotes from your link that prove my point. I can assure oyu that Bonjour will NOT solve this problem.
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    mad jew


    That's not quite what Bonjour is all about. It aims to enable a common language for peripherals (like printers) connected to PCs or Macs to communicate with other PCs or Macs. :)

    I thought the printer was connected to the PC so that flaw is kind of irrelevant, no? Meh, either way, it's worth a try IMO. At worst, it'll work. :p
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    I have same problem at home.

    I've not installed bonjour yet, but questioned the reasoning as I can already network with my PCs.

    I need to get a new photo printer anyway, so I'm thinking of getting an airport express and hooking new printer up to that.
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    mad jew


    Bonjour is for peripherals, not networking computers per se.

    That is the easiest option out there. An Express is highly recommended. My set up goes through an Express and it was really easy to get all the computers to print to it seamlessly once they all had Bonjour installed. ;)

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