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iBook Updates?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 5, 2003.

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    MacOSRumors claims iBook updates are a month off or more... with possibilities of enclosure updates.

    An anonymous and unconfirmed MacRumors submission, however, claims that dealers are being told to "sell off" current stocks of iBooks... in anticipation of new models featuring Airport Exreme, optional Bluetooth, and Audio In. These new machines are expected to continue to use the G3 Processor.
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    Will we actually see the 1ghz G3 ... I never would have guessed. If they keep putting them in the iBooks, its just a matter of time.
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    I used to visit macosrumors exclusively, that was until I realized macrumors existed, I have not looked back once. I was and am still tired of these rumors off their site that go something like this

    "We have some very exciting info on new (insert mac item here), we can't tell you much, but be prepared to be wowed. Expect this update in the next couple of months, or the near future."
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    Apple's implied "policy" on consumer vs pro macs is that the consumer macs have to be slower and less featured than the pro machines. Considering that the new 12" PB isn't much faster than the current iBook, I really doubt we will see iBooks getting much faster till the 12" PB gets faster.
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    Enclosure updates?

    Does that mean they gonna bring back the clam.

    I like clam :D

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    Re: iBook Updates?

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    Centris 650

    I was really wondering when the new iBooks would come out and what processor they would be using. I'm not surprised that the iB would still use the G3 since the 12" PB is only a G4 867. I thing the only reason they may be doing the new enclosure is to sweeten the pot.
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    I would say no AE with the iBook. No FW800 either. Just Bluetooth, and maybe a Superdrive (which if so, would prolly be a slot load, which would need a shell change to do). Maybe a speed bump, but I doubt it. Kinda hard to sell that the 867 12" PB is faster than 900 (or 866 or 850 even) iBook, and worth the extra coinage.

    We shall see. But I doubt very soon.
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    I'm not going to say where I work, but just picture the largest retail chain to offer the full line of apple (hint, you can see cardboard Yao and Vern lifesize posters).

    On monday we cleared our national warehouse of all iBook product. We have 0 open orders from Apple to get some more. We are also getting new brackets that are slightly larger than the old ones.

    My guess would be speed increase to 1GHz, but still with G3 (And no complaints about it being hard to explain how a slower processor will give more performance. Ever heard of the "Megahertz Myth"?). Going from 14" to 15" display in top model, the same drive options, larger Hard drives and bluetooth upgrades. We are still getting Airport cards like crazy so I think they'll leave out the upgrade to extreme and of course no firewire 800. There will also be price drops since they will be trying to compete in the VERY popular sub $1400 market.
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    Re: iBook Updates?

    what idiots! that's about as aspecific as you can possibly be. this is an utterly worthless rumor. of course they'll be updated, and the casing altered (though not necessarily in the immediately next update), in the future, almost guaranteed to be at least a month away, possibly 3 or 4; who knows? maybe more!
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    One thing Apple should include with theiBoo,, is a easy way to swap drives-like the 1400's ingenious latch based droive bay removal system. Maybe a metallic look is good-or a version with the X logo (the 10.2 versions) colours.
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    I've been reading a lot of posts here lately. That, my friend, is the funniest.

    Anyway, I also hope they release a wicked iBook. I cancelled my 12" PB order (had to wait an extra 3 weeks) and picked up a new 1 GHz iMac. (Gotta love instant gratification. It arrived the next day.)

    I love it so much, in fact, that I already promised myself an iBook once they get updated. Stronger, lighter, faster, and cheaper would be nice.

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    While I wouldn't put much faith in a vague MOSR post, the iBook hasn't seen a major revision since the 14" model was introduced. A new enclosure wouldn't surprise me at all.

    As for features, a 1 GHz processor would be nice, although I do see potential issues with the AlBook, there.

    I think AirPort Extreme will be part of any new iBook. If Apple is serious about pushing this standard on us (I believe they are), they'll feature AE support. The reason there are still older AirPort cards flying around is because there are still many many people with pre-Extreme machines.

    A SuperDrive would have to be BTO, and FW800 is out of the question.

    I hope MOSR's generalized guess is right this time. New iBooks could be very cool.
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    As long as the iBook has a G3 processor, I don't think we'll be seeing the superdrive in it.

    As for the timeframe, 6 months from the last update is May, so my guess is probably somewhere between the end of April and the end of May.

    However, if iBook inventory is really low, we could see something sooner. However, the Apple Store still lists pretty quick shipment times for the iBook.
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    I remember hearing rumors that there would be ibooks released in may with G4's. Does anyone think this is still gonna happen?
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    Centris 650


    I really don't think they'll release a G4 iBook just yet. If they did I think it would have to hover around the 800 Mhz level or no higher than 867 Mhz. (Kinda like the iMac 1G and the pMac 1G) Though it would be nice to see a G4 iBook.

    I've put off my iBook purchase and waiting to see what comes out. If it's just a small speed bump G3 I'll buy an older iBook at a lower price (12" 800, Combo) Though if the new iBooks are G4s weellllll,I might have to pinch my pennies and buy it. Let's wait and see.
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    There will be NO and LET ME REPEAT NO g4 iBook anytime soon.

    The reason the iMac and the Power Mac can coexist on similar Mhz levels is that the ESSENCE of the machine is VERY different?iMac is a self contained, all in one with monitor included, PowerMac is an expandable modular desktop machine.

    Imagine a g4 iBook with a 12.1" screen, white body, Firewire, combo, 256mb of Ram, 30gb HD......$1299 versus the g4 Powerbook 12.1" screen, aluminum, Firewire, combo drive, 256 of RAM, 40gb HD. $1799.

    Christ. It's pretty much the same thing.

  18. RLB
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    I would be skeptical of using "inventory" as a guide as 5gb ipods have literally been gone for 2 months and the others hard to find and still no updates; however, it is a good sign and I hope I am wrong.
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    Centris 650

    Ooookay....:rolleyes: Remember this Apple we are talking about and the "Year of The Laptop". Sheesh. I doubt we'll see a G4 iBook but it's nice to dream.
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    Sun Baked

    I just thought it is strange since the PowerBook 12 is in reality the G4 iBook everyone has been waiting for, it uses the form factor, layout and chipset (Intrepid) that you would expect in an iBook -- and it has the G4.

    Should be interesting to see what will happen to the iBook now, since the Intepid chipset will basically give it a PowerBook 12/iMac feature set -- even if they do use the G3.
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    they need to have L3 cache and a PC slot. Apple really needs to release a laptop under 2000 for audio people.
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    Does it seem at all possible to anyone else that we will see the end of the iBook and in its place we'll get a nifty-cool tablet type device?

    It doesn't make sense to have a 12 inch pb and a 12 inch iBook..
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    I want to see the end of the iBook and the introduction of the ChiBook. For Chinese people.
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    Re: iBooker

    why not just put some chinese art on your ibook? i have seen such things done.

    when i thought ChiBook, though, i thought Chia pet.
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    Is the L3 so important for audio? I think the 12" PB must be fast enough... I'm planning on getting one along with a MOTU interface for Logic Audio.

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