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ibook VS. Powerbook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mynameismatt89, Oct 2, 2005.

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    hello all,

    I soon will be purchasing an apple laptop, but am deciding between a powerbook or an ibook. I know the ibook is cheaper, but is it better? If i were to choose the ibook what features does it have that the powerbook doesnt, or what features does the powerebook have that the ibook doesnt. Does it have built in wireless internet?

    I just want to know if im better off spending less money to get the ibook.

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    first, what do you need the laptop to do?
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    well, first of all i need wirless internet, and i will be using it for school work, such as typing up documents. I also will be having a large selection of music on it. I will also be watching DVD's and burning DVD's as well. Nothing too demanding. I just want to know if im missing out, not buying the powerbook.
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    Let's put it this way ... both computers are fine for your needs, but going with a PB will result in another $500 (maybe more) dollars missing from your bank account, money which may be understandably tight for a typical student and put to better use elsewhere.
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    Oh i see. Thank you
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    Do the iBook. You'll be glad you did. And for your need it's perfect. :)
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    shut up
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    got my ibook 14inch yesterday zero complaints. Love everything about it, and the battery life is insanely good. With a dim screen and it power settings for better battery life I get 6 and a half hours!!! Get the ibook 14in with a superdrive you will be very happy. If the preformance isnt as good as you want then buy a gig of ram and itll still be way cheeper than the powerbook.
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    Aside from the couple of things you'll be missing not getting the powerBook, the iBook offers two major benefits: great wireless reception and kick-ass battery life. It's a great computer for students.
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    wow 6.5 hours. Yea thats what i was planning on doing, upgrading to 1GB of Ram. As well as 80GB hard drive.
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    this is real constructive... surprised the mods hadnt't deleted it already.

    i think that asking someone to search is an excellent idea. this topic has been discussed over and over again, with many good threads on the issue
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    You could also wait a few weeks and see what new PowerBook comes along. Latest rumors tell us that new PowerMacs and PowerBooks are due sometime this month.

    But if you need one now, the iBook is by far the better value. I sold my 14" iBook G4 a year ago and bought a 12" PowerBook. Quite frankly, I should have stuck with the iBook. I liked the bigger screen, easier on my farsighted eyes.
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    I agree, but it might have been a bit harsh.
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    Since i will not be getting one for about a month, then yes, i will wait for the powerbook updates to see what it is they're going to do.
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    Please check the original poster's rank. They are a newbie. OK? Most newbies do not know to search the forums. I suggest you not respond to this thread if it bothers you so much. I am sure we have new people joining this board every day, and maybe, just maybe they would like to entertain this question.

    I am tired of hearing people complain about this issue. I really am. Just because WE KNOW how to operate the board does not mean a new person does.

    Extend some grace and understanding. If you felt led, answer his question. If not, click the back button. It's just that simple.

    Oh, and don't use all caps.
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    I've got a 12" PowerBook, and I love it. However, for what you want to do with your computer, I'd say the iBook is the best choice for you. It is almost as powerful as a PowerBook, and much cheaper. For me, the PowerBook's audio in port, slightly better graphics card, and dual monitor capability, along with the slightly faster performance were enough to make it worth it for me. If you're not going to be doing a whole lot of heavy multimedia stuff, the iBook will be fine. You should know that in order to get a DVD burner (Superdrive) in an iBook, you have to buy the 14" model, and that narrows the price gap between the PB and iBook quite a bit.
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    well thanks, and yes i was planning on getting the 14" model
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    Good choice, unfortunantly if you want to burn DVD's you can not get the 12 inch ibook..

    I recently purchased the powerbook and love it! Everyone who purchases these laptops seem to love em so i'm sure you will as well! Only thing i reccomend is, i think you stated but make sure you up the hardrive space. I got the 80 gig powerbook and within 2 weeks, im down to 40 or something.. reasoing being it was really a 75 gig hardrive, plus tiger and other apps took about 10-14 or something and well the rest is music from my old pc!
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    I agree, get the largest hard drive you can afford rather than the Poweerbook. As you're a student the iBook will more than suit your needs.
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    I think an iBook will be great for you and your needs. Happy switching! And one more thing, let us know when you have purchased the laptop - I love to read about the first impressions from new switchers ;)
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    well put

    i second that. in fact the whole world could use a bit more understanding and you voiced that pretty well. thank you.

    unless you are hooked on the pbook, you will find the ibook is stunning and better even in somes way... and certainly great value. a nice machine to start your new mac experience with. it also keeps it value nicely, should you decide to upgrade down the line.:)
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    I apolagize for imiediately saying shut up to the person who jumped on the new poster. It just really bugs me that people always think they need to play policeman with everyone on these forms, it doesnt hurt anyone if somebody wants to make their own post. And if you dont like the post you dont have to look at it.
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    If your working with video, max out the Harddrive and also stick in 1GB stick of RAM for max power.
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    Ask? He typed in all caps.

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