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iBook with some case parts "popping out"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by balofagus, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I didn't know how else to describe it but "popping" out seemed to kinda fit. Let me detail whats happening:

    *It is the iBook G4 14", I bought it January

    1. When closed, the screen/lid portion part of the iBook sits about 1-2mm to the left. The back of the lid is aligned properly so it seems to angle a bit I guess.

    2. The little cover area over the ports on the left side of the computer isn't tight. It sort of hangs out as it gets closer to the front. Not a lot, just enough to pick at with my fingernail (not that I do, that just wouldn't be smart).

    3. On the actual screen while you are looking at it, on the left side, where the greyish part meets the outer white case at about the middle the grey part, sort of "dips" in. About 1mm or so, then it pops out a little and then goes flush again.

    (Oh the left side of my lovely little iBook)

    Anyway, I got this in January right before the keynote, you may ask "WHY not wait for Intel" and the answer is I didn't know about the the keynote. Oh yes, thats right, I was caught up in the saving for and finally purchasing my iBook that I'd never read about upcoming Apple events, just the specs on my iBook. Now, when I got it I thought nothing of these problems (they've been present since I got it), I finally had a Mac!

    Well, now I've been thinking, and I had the Superdrive subbed out for the a Combo Drive, because I didn't need to be able to burn DVDs and wasn't about to pay $130 CAD for the offchance that I might need to. Well, they would have had to take it apart to do so, would that be the cause and if so should I have any fears or am I just having buyers remorse? Not saying I don't like it and it does do all I need, but there is a little part of me upset for not waiting for the Intel iBooks.

    Thanks for taking the time to read that,
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    Are you right handed?
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    Yes I am, is that whats doing this? If it is I need to go bury my head for posting such a long winded, dumb question.
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    None of those are issues, they're just simply part of the machine. My iBook has the same things - nothing is perfect. The whole case to it creaks, especially where the ports are and the left/right handrests.

    Just be glad your screen hasn't bent somehow :|.
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    Thanks, and ya good thing it hasn't bent! Good to know I'm not alone. None of it bothers me except the cover on the ports. I caught it on my pants once and now I'm extra careful around it. Oh, and mine doesn't creak, that's gotta be annoying.
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    Just something that I have noticed about my friends iBooks. The right-handers and left-handers have oppositely skewed cases. I think it is from picking it up from the near corners.

    The right side of my PB (signifantly better put together) is looser on the side that use to move from desk to desk. It could just be wear.

    Anybody else notice this?
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    these creaking and looseness issues vary from individual computer to the next, but it's a given that your g4 latest revision ibook/powerbook will do some creaking.

    Stupid mainland China production. I'm very dissapointed in Apple for settling for sub-par quality to increase profit. It's a fact that Apple is a company, and any given company would switch to cheaper production if possible - it just sucks that we are stuck with the bad quality though.

    I'm not really referring to only the creaking - but to the 2 broken keys on purchase, creaking all over the computer, screen having some dark areas, and the fact that the screen is tilted and twisted and they won't do anything about it. =)

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