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ibook wont start up help please!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by brendan1993, Sep 28, 2010.

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    hi i just bought a used ibook G3 a couple days ago and tested it out and everything was working fine yesterday i was playing around with it and drained the battery when i put it on the charger i didnt see anything turn on to indicate it was charging but i left it on there all night and the next morning i couldnt get it to turn on i pressed the button on the battery and it blinked one green light i do not know what that mean but this is my first ibook so i wasnt sure what the problem is, is it the ibook or do i just need a new charger? please help i need this laptop for school
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    dc inboard go out?
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    Will it boot up without the battery installed? Remove the battery and plug in the AC charger and boot it up.
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    no it was working fine just 2 days ago but wen i plugged it in the charger it wouldnt turn on but even when i took the battery out it wouldnt turn on either
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    it may sound strange but check if you have broken the pin out of the charges plug (i had the same problem when i got my ibook g3 without a charger and used my old one)
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    i checked but nothing seems wrong with the charger everything is used laptop and the charger would u think its just the charger or the laptop?
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    Well if you don't have another charger, look for a cheap one off ebay or amazon to see if it works. It would probably be cheaper than getting another iBook.
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    ok so u think its just the charger?
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    I have no idea. The only things that I can think of would be the charger or the dc in board on the computer. The charger is just the easiest way to test it out IMO.

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