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iBook won't start

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by STITCHES, May 17, 2004.

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    I have an iBook G3 800, Airport, 80 GB HDD & 640MB RAM. I tried to turn it on yesterday but it doesnt start at all. No start-up chime, nothing. Maybe because I left in my friend's car for a few hours with Texas heat while I played paintball? I know the hard drive still runs because I can feel the heat from it. the caps lock and num lock buttons light up but I can't see anything. but with no success. Help me please!
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    logic board??

    I'm not sure, but we kinda had the same thing happen to our G3 iBook a few weeks ago. It was asleep at the time, and my wife opened it up it did nothing. You could still hear the HD at time, but nothing else. I MIGHT be your Logic Board has gone, but I'm not sure at all. I've only been a switcher now for year ;)
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    This is probably not it, but take out the ram and start it. The ram may have went bad. Also, hook it up to an external display and see if you get anything.
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    I haven't found the little screw driver to take off the metal plate covering the memory. I will look for it today, sorry.
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    I can't send it in, I took it apart and made some parts of it clear. So if the memory thing doesn't work I might as well get another computer. I was going to get the newest available PB at the time Tiger came out but hey I guess I can get one now.
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    When you switch it on, check to see if the caps lock light comes on when you push the caps lock button. If it does, it sounds as though you have the now famous iBook logic board fault. Apple should cover this under warrranty.

    You could try taking it in to your friendly dealer, as they may not care that you opened it up yourself.
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    Try holding down the "X" button - this is supposed to force OS X to start up. See if it works, but other than that, it might be your logic board.


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