iCal Events/Alarms vs. Launchd

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by thingsis, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I am writing an application that needs to automatically remind the user of a task or even perform the task for the user. It is basically a script that needs to be executed. Now my question is would it be better to do this using iCal events / alarms or should I go for launchd? iCal seems to have the advantage of not having to have admin privileges to set those events, but launchd might be better suited for execution of a script. What would be the advantages of either one? Also, how do they behave if the computer is switched off while the event occurs?
    The whole program will basically perform a backup of some user files.

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    You can run a script from an iCal alarm. I don't have any experience with what you're trying to do, so launchd may still be the better way to go (I have no idea), but I just wanted to point out that you can launch scripts with iCal alarms if that helps at all.
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    thanks for your replay. I was aware of that possibility. I am pretty sure that both options would actually work. I just do not want to make the wrong decision and choose the better one. I guess this is a pretty luxurious problem ;)

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