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iCal in Leopard needs some streamlining

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Category: Opinion/Interviews
    Link: iCal in Leopard needs some streamlining
    Description:: Apparently, there are many people who don’t find the Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) version of iCal an improvement over the 10.4 (“Tiger”) version because of the extra clicks needed to enter an event or to, for example, correct an entry. In fact, a lot of folks consider it a downgrade of the calendar app.

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    Highlight an appointment, press command-E and you're right there in edit mode.
    Pretty fast, I'd say.
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    Add me to the list, leopards iCal is a step in the wrong direction, tigers iCal was so much nicer to use. I have sent feedback to apple many times over this matter and have even thought about trying to get the older version working in leopard. I hope it gets the infomation pane back and that stupid bouncy window thing that pops up annoying.
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    yeahh i agree.
    should be all about reducing clicks and making things simpler.

    not as good as tiger imo.
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    iCal and iPhone should be great - but they just aren't

    I don't like Leopard's iCal either. Tiger's iCal had a better interface. I'm really pissed off with the way the to-do list isn't picked up by the iPhone too, and the latter's lack of multiple calendar support, and by it's lack of colour, and it's crappy notes, and by the phone's poor reception (which with O2 is pants - in 13 month's time I'm back to Orange, with or without the iPhone).
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    I actually really prefer the Leopard iCal interface to the one found in Tiger. I hated the info pane and how much room it took up. It's much nicer for me to just double click an event to see details.

    One thing I do not like however, is the lack of support for 'To Do's' on the iPhone/iPod touch.
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    Google Sync!

    Interface aside, what I'd REALLY like to see is built-in syncing with Google calender. That way i can use the much prettier iCal at home, and access the ever-convenient Google calender on my iPhone (when i buy it :p), on on the road.
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    IJ Reilly

    Please fill me in. I've never used iCal in Leopard, but in Tiger you also get a default calendar and time when you double click on the day to create a new appointment. The calendar and time you want has to be set manually in the event drawer/window. It's unclear to me what's been changed in Leopard to get this writer so up in arms.
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    iCal is, without a doubt, the worst application Apple makes.

    iCal is missing some of the most basic calendaring and task features.

    I've given up hope iCal will ever be good.

    But now that Apple is using iCal and iCal Server internally, and now that all Apple employees have to use these tools, maybe, maybe, maybe iCal will finally get an update in 10.6 to make it not suck so bad.
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    Needs pop up date

    I am a big iCal user, but one thing that I have always hated is that there are not little pop-up calendars when entering a date. It reminds me of crap accounting programs where you have to type the date in by hand. I know, all of you will say that I am stupid and this is an unnecessary click, but it sure would make it easier to me.
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    Syncing google

    ...have a look at http://www.busymac.com/
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    yeah iCal clearly has some problems, but i think Tiger's version had problems also. i do use iCal a lot, but i do wish it was better
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    Put me in the "I prefer iCal in Leopard" camp. The old info pane took up too much space and the pop-up windows are better IMO. It's not perfect, but good enough.

    I wish that all-day events synced properly with my N95 but that's at least 50% Nokia's fault.

    And don't forget, the dock icon actually tells you the actual date now. :rolleyes:

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    In the new version of iCal, can you invite people via email to calendar events, like in Entourage?

    I've never used iCal because Entourage has so many more features.
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    I never used iCal in Tiger (got Leopard right from the start) but I don't really like the way iCal 10.5 is made, so I reverted to Google Calendar exclusively.
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    I like Leopard iCal a lot, but I do agree that the Edit method (which also applies to creating a new event) has a needless extra step unless you press Command-E. Not a deal-breaker, but noticeable.

    It's MORE than made up for by the iCal (and other) data-detectors in Mail!
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    I've never used that, but yes: just click Add Attendees. The old iCal could do that too I believe.

    (Sorry for the double post.)
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    Chef Medeski

    I agree. The elimination of the permenant edit window had me going from a couple clicks to determine priority and due dates to much more. Now I hit Apple + K to create an event. Then I have to highlight the event, open up the window just to edit newly created details. On top of that the whole notes thing which is sweet and kickass is reduced to crap on iCal because you can even see the link to the note. Now it takes 3 clicks to do what I previously did in none. Definitely a step backwards in my mind.
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    Chef Medeski

    But the thing is that was optional. I mean it doesnt take up that much more space than the current info panel. The difference is you could leave it on. If I wanted a compact iCal, I just only opened it to edit details. Now though I dont have that option!
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    definitely needs a lot of work. always has. shame they can't get such a simple thing right.
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    Chef Medeski

    How you do it. Before you could have created an event and then by pressing tab have easily changed the date. All without a mouse. Now not only do you need a mouse but you need to additional keyboard combinations along with a mouse click to do the same thing tab used to do. A lot more cumbersome. A definite annoyance for any continual iCal user.
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    Chef Medeski

    Its true thats a great feature. And the notes and to-do syncing is definetly welcome. I just feel the edit holds me back from using iCal as much in the first place, which sorta defeats the purpose for me of all the syncing. I mean I used to chum up a list of 15 items in a minute, just put down all my thinks right there. Nice and simple. But now I just get frustrated trying to do that, cause its not just an extra keyboard command, but its quite a cumbersome combination of keyboard combination, mouse click, keyboard combination, tab. Especially compared to keybaord combination, tab. So much faster....
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    I don't understand this.

    You can just drag and drop to a new date with the mouse. You can also extend/reduce the time frame in the same manner.
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    The real issue here is edit the event. The TEXT of course. Used to be you simply double clicked on the event (in week mode) and the text was highlighte d and you started editing away. I use mine to keep notes for time tracking. What I did for a certain client, etc.

    NOW with the crappy new iCal, I have to double click, then click the word edit, and even then I can only see a couple words at a time. WTF.

    Someone pointed out I can get there by highlighting the pressing cmd+e. But still, it's a tiny little edit window, and still its an extra step. As well, my hand is used to doing things a different way for the last 5 years and it's tough to change. Especially when there is 1 or 2 more steps.

    I can press enter and it allows me to immediately edit the text. But if I hesitate, it goes away and I have to rehighlight and press enter again. Often when doing the above method, appts and dates instantly disappear from the screen and I have to undo to get them back. That's scary.

    The new iCal is crap. But hey, so is the new FCP.
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    IJ Reilly

    I'm not quite following what the actual differences are between iCal Tiger and iCal Leopard, but I take it that the event drawer/window is gone and all the editing takes place on the calendar itself.

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