iCal sync...is this how it works?

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    I've done a search all over the net for this info and can't find anything relating directly to what I'm after.

    Now I'm not sure if I actually have a problem or not so if anyone could help that would be great.

    iCal syncs fine with MobileMe, but I'm not sure if it's being done correctly?

    On the left hand side of my iCal, I have "On My Mac" calendars, and below I have "username@me.com" calendars.

    Anything I edit in the "username@me.com" calendars syncs perfectly with the cloud and to all devices.

    What I want to know is am I doing this correctly? Should I have this in my iCal now that I'm syncing with MobileMe? Or should I still be using the "On My Mac" part?

    I think this is correct. Should I now delete all the calendars that are on my Mac? As they are no longer needed? Or should MobileMe be syncing with the on my Mac calendars?

    Terrible explanation I know, so if anyone can make sense of that and let me know if this is correct that would be great.

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    MobileMe used to syc with the 'On My Mac' calendars then they changed the way it works so now everything is on the cloud. You should maintain the calendars under the '@me.com' heading. Once you are sure everything is there you can delete the On My Mac calendars.
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    Thank you very much for your quick reply. It was something that's been bugging me since joining MobileMe. That's put my mind as ease.

    Many thanks

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