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iPad iCarbons skins for ipad 4 now up

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by glen e, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I have the iPad 4 with the icarbon skin for the iPad3 (just the back, white with red logo) and it still looks awesome. The only difference is the bottom cut out for the charger.
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    Could you guys please post personal pictures after installation, the website always looks really good with their pictures.
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    Just ordered a rear, white carbon for my 4th gen, I'll post some install pictures, should be here in a couple of days (they're located just south of me in Florida).

    There's a Christmas coupon for 20% off too, Gift20
  5. glen e, Dec 18, 2012
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    the reason is you really can't screw it up and they always look good - it is a stiff skin that does not get bubbles - I've done at least a dozen over the years:
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    Awesome. Hope I can do just a good of a job. I'm generally pretty handy with this sort of thing (do my own vinyl for my car numbers for race events).
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    it's stiffer stuff than your race numbers...no problem...
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    Excellent, yeah, my numbers are super soft, er, and generally not bubble free :D

    If I have an questions, ill post in here, you and some of the other folks look like you've got it down perfect!
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    Got mine in, got it installed, no problems. Softening the corners with a blowdryer so they'd conform to the case was incredible easy. I could shoot some pics, but it looks basically like the pics above (I used the black carbon insert for the logo (it came with black and red ... thinking about seeing if they have a blue one to match my Smartcover :D )

    Happy Holidays :)
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    ordered the icarbons "back only" carbon skin lat night.. Also have this on my MacPro.. Great quality and fits perfect IMO:D
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    Go ahead, post some pictures of how it looks. We dare you. :apple:

    I just want to see more consumer pictures before I commit.
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    no problem.. But i will tell you that the CF skin for my macbook pro fits perfect.. I suspect the same for the ipad.. Should be here tomorrow or Saturday...
  13. D.T., Dec 28, 2012
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    Will do!




    It's great because it also provides protection vs. the SmartCover hinge which can nick up the edge of the ipad
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    Yeah, I really like that a lot. I think they make a great product, though a little expensive, but we already use really expensive products haha!

    Anyhow, I can't decide if I'd want the CF skin, don't get me wrong, it's super sexy and I really really like it, I just don't know if it's a little flashy to be carrying around the bschool/campus.

    I purchased the Incipio smart feather back case this morning because I got it in like-new condition on amazon for $10/half price but if I find it to be too bulky, I may switch to a zagg ski or iCarbonz.

    Thanks for posting the pictures. To everyone else: please keep posting if you have installed one!
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    Just received mine and installed on both my iPad and iPhone. They now match :D

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    installed the black icarbon skin today on my ipad 3.. I must have heated one of the corners to much as it looks a little funny and stretched a bit.. Fit is really good but not happy with that one corner..

    Also installed the Spigen SQ clear screen protector... :)

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