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Ice Cream

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CubaTBird, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Does this product really remove scratches from the ipods screen? If so I might seriously considering purchasing it...
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    Yes...mint chocolate chip works the best...
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    That would be Ice Creme not Ice Cream.
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    How can any product remove scratches? They're missing parts of the surface, what does it recreate them or something? I don't think it's possible.
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    Yes, it works. I used it on my battered iBook and now it looks brand new. It does take some work though.
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    It kinda fills in the minor scratches, which makes your iPod look less fugly. It doesn't restore it to new condition if your iPod has been through a war with your keys and/or the change in your pocket.
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    It IS possible. It buffs the scratches out of the surface. Ever refinished furniture? It works the same way.
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    It got my cat's claw marks out of my iBook with a little work. :)
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    That's damned impressive. A friend tried it on his iPod and said it made some modest improvements. Clearly, he didn't apply sufficient elbow grease. ;)
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    Now mind you, I rubbed the thing for an hour but the scratches do come out. You just have to keep rubbing.
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    yeah, it's called an abrasive cleaner, plenty of abrasives will polish plastic-- It doesn't fill in the scratches, rather it softens them, and takes off a bit of plastic, evening the whole layer out and making them hard to see. Before specialized products came out, Brasso worked well at removing scraches from CDs and iPods, etc. Of course, the more gentle an abrasive is, the longer it will take to work...
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    You always know just the right things to say...:)
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    Now this makes more sense. Taking a bit of plastic, rather than filling the scratches is how must abrasive cleaners work. Thanks rainman for the info!!!

    Does this mean that the more you use, the more the plastic will be removed from the iPod? :confused:
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    It works, and it will look brand new, but if you use it excessively it will mess up your iPod or iBook. You could get to the point where the layer of plastic remaining is almost nonexistent.
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    I think the point of it is to help those of us who were too dumb to buy protective covers for them in the first place. I learned my lesson. I'm getting a sleeve for my iBook. And if you rub all the plastic off your iPod or iBook, you have more serious problems than scratches. :)

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