Ice storm today

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by ILBandit, Dec 19, 2008.

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    Any of you get hit with the ice storm last night? sure was a mess here today in north central IL. Post your ice storm pictures!

    These are pics from the office at work today..

    Falling on the roof..


    The trees were coated pretty good with ice....


    Pretty thick....


    My car parked on the "skating rink" before everyone else got to work...

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    i didn't take pics but the storm last night was freaking me. i kept hearing the kicking from the window, afraid that it would actually break the glass:(

    nice tree coating thou, didn't see that in downtown area.
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    Woah that's pretty sweet! I live in southwestern Michigan and we got hit as well but... i have no pics.
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    Dec 12 Massachusetts ice storm

    About 35% of the town is still without power.

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    Those are some amazing pictures!

    We had a bad ice storm here in New England (I'm in NH). I did get a chance to take some pictures outside. They are pretty neat.

    At my home, I lost power on Thursday night, and didn't get it back on until Monday afternoon.

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    No, I just got a **** load of snow lol. Probably a good half a foot or more.
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    I'd gladly trade places with you guys. I'm in Texas and we've got a high of 80 degrees F for today, makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you still have to use the A/C 5 days before Christmas :(
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    Come on up!! Tomorrow's forecast is for wind chill temps of 25 - 30 below zero.
    I'd take a little of that 80 degree stuff!! :D
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    the South Shore (disregarding last night and tioday) was a different world from western/central/northern Mass, we barely got anything out of that storm last week
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    I grew up in Holbrook and remember the weather for Worcester was always different. Well now living in the area I can't believe how much different it really is.
    At the same time we had the ice storm a co-worker in Plymouth was tell me it was 60 degrees.

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    I will buy the plane ticket. I am exhausted from moving trees yesterday and snowblowing driveways today.
    Let me know what flight and I will have the limo service pick you up..

    Let me know what size gloves, jacket and boot you wear.
    Today will be the warmest day until Wednesday. Next storm is scheduled to hit sunday with a follow up Tuesday so please book the flight soon.

    I have a 10hp ariens snowblower, various shovels, Salt, ice chippers and whatever else you willl need.

    All the coffee, exotic wines you can consume.
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    yeah the weather that day was pretty bizarre, and Worcester always has its own weather forecast compared the rest of the state. haha
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    I'm curious. How do you pronounce Worcester? I want to see if it's the same way I'd say it.
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    Whoo-stir. Sort-of. ;)

    A tempting offer, even for me. :eek:

    But that goes against why I have chosen condo living. :p
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    Wis Ta (That is how we pronounce it) with the strong accent. Adam Sandler has a skit I think its called the turnpike. He exaggerates slightly but its pretty darn close.

    Woos ta

    Wuss tah is very common

    Woo star

    Some say it wor chess ter
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    I'd say that's pretty accurate. Unless you have the accent, then it's "Wuss-tah"
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    Cant blame you.
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    Wow... that's amazing
    I want snow too :(
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    MasterNile.... this is what I got up to this morning, you can just save this pic to your iphone, and pretend.......:eek:


    Heres another neat pic that I took yesterday while out shopping...

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    In Georgia we had a week of temps above 60 annd then it crashed last night to freezing. It's about 20 now with wind chill making it 9 but no ice. Ground is too warm and air too dry. It's going to go back up over the next few days.

    I tease my family who live in New Jersey about the weather all the time. They tease me about the fire ants.
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    Oh how far apart we are...I work at an answering service and we answer for a lot of the local apartment complexes, Saturday night I was getting calls from people upset that their A/C wasn't working and you're city is covered in ice. Now it's actually cold at least cold for San Antonio (about 33 degrees feels like 25) but by Tues. the high goes back up to 60 and the low is 54
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    those pics look so fake and look amazing

    too bad it actually happened!

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