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Discussion in 'Community' started by latergator116, Jan 3, 2004.

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    Hi, what I am looking for is instant messaging alternative for iChat. I don't think iChat is customizable enough, plus it has many bugs. Any ideas? (besides AIM!)

    Edit: oops. wrong board.
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    wow... posted in the wrong section and didn't attempt any research...

    just kidding.. it's alright...

    check out Adium http://adium.sourceforge.net

    download the newest builds as often as possible
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    Ok, Thanks. Yeah I had both the HWSW and community board open and I accidentaly put it in the wrong one.
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    Who knows, maybe Apple will release a much better version of iChat at macworld. That would be my ideal iChat (current version) alternative.

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    Hopefully. They have pretty much ignored it since it was released with jaguar. The only thing they did was add the ability to use video.
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    .... they didn't just add video ... ichatav could have more but its better than ichat 1.0 , they put time in on it ... just not enough
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    Adium all the way, iChat doesn't even touch it as far as customization/looks/ease of use/resource usage/features. iChatAV only has VoIP, thats the only thing Adium doesn't do.
  8. Wes
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    I love Adium, but one other [working] thing it doesn't have is file transfer, but it can go on MSN and Yahoo at the same time.
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    Fire has every feature you could ever want, including simultaneous login to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC. Except prettiness. It's butt ugly. But v. 1 is coming out soon and will be skinnable.

    And it's free. ;)
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    latest builds of 2.0 have file transfer now.

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    I downloaded Adium, but it has a confusing interface. How do you add your own icon? In Fire, how do you inport buddy lists from iChat?

    also, thanks to the mod who changed the title.
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    takes a little trick, i would just add it in ichat and it will register with the server, you can also tell it to grab pics from the address book.

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    ok cool I didn't realize it uses the iChat icon. I think I understand the interface better now. white = online and yellow = away.
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    the newer build have file transfer but there is no indicator. I can recieve files but no send them. I have to get the other people to tell me when its done. And it can't work with MSN yet since there is no way to accept the incoming files
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    yeah i know, kind of annoying but its a start in the right direction.


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