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iChat AV Jaguar Expiring in 2 Weeks

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 1, 2004.

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    Several readers noted that they received a warning from their iChat/Jaguar application that it would be expiring in 2 weeks.

    Readers are reminded that when Apple first released iChat AV for Jaguar, it was released as a "Beta". It is this original Jaguar Beta that will be expiring in two weeks.

    The final (non expiring) version of iChat AV was released alongside Panther, while Jaguar users must purchase the final version of Jaguar iChat AV for $29.95.
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    buy it?

    Has anyone actually bought AV for Jag? Personally I felt no need being able to get panther for $69 as a student.

    I love AV, however after so many firewall issues having to work around them, I have found myself using AV less for audio and video because it just brings up reminders of a pain in the ass.

    Can't wait till AIM works with AV, or when they have a version of AIM w/ AV for mac.

    enough bs

  3. dho
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    I am glad I alread own panther :)

    NO, really, I do

    I got it for my birthday

    I hope no one actualy pays for it for jaguar. It is such a waste, considering what panther has to offer
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    Wonder Boy

    care, really i do.

    the only system i have jag on is a 500mgz g3 imac, so i cant use the video chat. and the audio chat doesnt work well enough for me. i think ill keep my 30 bills.
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    can't imagine not having panther

    really if you don't have panther you really are missing out on quite a few improvements. Expose alone is worth the upgrade. There are also speed improvements everywhere. I used to dread opening a PDF. Now, I don't even think about it, its that much faster then Preview in Jaguar. This is on a 800 MHz G3 iBook.
  6. dho
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    I am currently on my 500 g3 imac, and the audio chat works fine for me in panther. If you have the ability a wouldnt sell your g3 short and leave it with jag. I saw some major improvement out of my 500 imac and 450 cube on panther.
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    Smart marketing move as another incentive to upgrade to Panther. If you're a student just skip lunch a few times and save the cash to upgrade your OS.
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    strong 'sell'

    or rather don't buy.
    It's not that it's not a nice product, but it's not any additional value to the usual aim clients available for free.
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    Wonder Boy

    the only thing keeping me from putting panterh in the imac is the lack of printer drivers. lexmark is dragging their feet with the Z12 drivers.
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    I'm not a rah rah kind of guy but...

    Panther on an iMac DV400 runs very well. I was very surprised. The speed boost on my dual 1.25 was appreciable in several areas (I don't see the wheel as much, and some things load quicker), but it didn't surprise me. But I had used 10.1 on on the iMac 400, so I went back to and pretty much stuck with 9.2 on that machine. I thought X would always be slow on that slower bus, slower clock, old video chip iMac. But Panther made X totally usable on that machine, at least for me. Its not ready for Final Cut Pro, but I am going to hook my DV camera up and check out how iMovie performs. In fairness, I never tried Jaguar on that machine.
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    Seems like everyone forgot about the Jaguar beta expiring...even Apple. It was supposed to expire yesterday. I wonder what happened...
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    Wonder Boy

    i noticed that too.
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    I have used the audio chat a couple of times and the quality was great. Never have I even thought of purchasing iSight or another camera because no one else I know run's a Mac.

    iChat has always been a pretty much unused program on my computer. It just sits there looking pretty in blue.
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    I dont what do do, buy it or not!
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    maybe it's the Y2k04 BUG ... LOL
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    Win iChat

    Was meant to expire before this.. probably so you can have an extra week to use it with your Windows buddies after the keynote..:rolleyes:
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    Apple really should bundle iChat AV with the iSight camera. It only seems fair for a $149 product.

    I'm sure plenty of lesser-informed folks, still on Jaguar, buy the iSight after seeing it demo'ed or talked about, and then are surprised when they get home and see they can't actually USE it without shelling out another $30. (Or $130 for Panther.)

    At the very least, Apple should bundle a time-limited demo, or offer it as a download.
  18. Sol
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    iChat should be on Windows

    While iChat can do great things with video and audio, by being Mac only Apple made it completely useless for most people. Most people I know use Messanger and ICQ so iChat cannot be used to communicate with them. An iChat for Windows would not only sell iSights but also give Mac users like me more people to chat with. After all, who has only Mac-using friends?
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    Re: iChat should be on Windows

    I read somewhere "sorry I can't remember where" that Windows XP even with broadband can not give the smooth video we have come to expect with iChat AV.
    I know this post would carry more weight if I had a link to back up my statement. Has anyone else read anything about this?

    Jim Goodloe
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    Re: iChat should be on Windows

    Well it looks like iChat and AIM will be compatible sometime in the near future so that's a step in the right direction. I agree that iChat should be bundled with iSight but that might be considered by Apple a waste to produce those CDs because when iSight is purchased by people who already have Panther they hence already have iChat. Yet another incentive to have Panther running on your system.
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    Rod Rod

    Re: iChat should be on Windows

    not I. more than half my friends are still stuck on windows.
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    Thank God I have Panther.

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    Re: Re: iChat should be on Windows

    iChat has always used AIM to send and receive messages. It's basically a third-party AIM client, but sanctioned by AOL.
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    He means the video aspect... :rolleyes:
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    Sorry but iChat should be free like Yahoo and Aim. I use Panther too but I wouldnt buy it why would i want too.

    It dont work av wise with anything else but iChat at the moment. I know that there sorting that out with aim..

    It Realy should be free thats my thought

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