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Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by Eric Lewis, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Eric Lewis

    Someone should make a room for keynote dicussion that will open tonight and for tommoorw?

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    Create your own and post the name of the room here. Open iChat press Command + R call it something like 'MWSF08' and wait for people to arrive.
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    I'm in there now as ShiggyMozart. Eric Lewis, are you "mrhack636"?
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    I'm in there! (bradpurchase)
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    Sup Brad. lol.

    I think another way to discuss this event (at least tonight for me since I work tomorrow) is through iChat audio conference, or on Skype. Anyone else think that's a good idea?
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    I'm in!
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    Command + R doesn't work.
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    Awesome! I made a SkypeCast called "MacRumors Chat" that's set to last 5 hours. If that runs out everyone feel free to add in ShiggityShiggityShwah to your Skype list. Either call me and tell me who you are from here, or Skype IM me and do the same.

    "Talk" to you guys soon I hope!
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    I think it's either Cmd + Shift + G or just Cmd + G.
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    Ah, Cmd+Shift+G worked. (Cmd+G didn't though).

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    Hey! I am trying to find the chat room and i can't find it.....I went to file-go to chat room-typed in chat room name and it keeps saying it can't join the room....please help! :) Thanks!
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    There were only 3 others when I joined the chatroom, now there are at least 15 :eek:
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    Who're you in there?

    Edit: nevermind.

    Edit 2: WTF... random people that have nothing to do with MR have been visiting my SkypeCast and asking me to friend them on Skype. I knew that was bound to happen, but damn... They're that desperate....

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