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iChatFinder.com - Meet other iChat users for Audio and Visua...

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by MacBytes, Jul 10, 2003.

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    ... and so begins the new peer-to-peer porno revolution.

    there's no turning back now.
  3. arn
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    maybe ichatporn.com will be next :)

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    new project arn? when will the demis get to see the isight only webcam sight?
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    I think this is kind of strange.

    I wouldn't want to see and talk to a stranger who I'd never seen before.

    But I'm shy and wierd like that.

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    random video chat... kinda weird. i like the ability to walk away from the computer for a second during a (now outdated??) text chat.
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    yeah. this seems like it might be a bit of a production. first you gotta clean your room cuz it'll show up in the background. then you gotta make sure you're looking presentable - wash up, apply makeup, comb hair, whatever. then you gotta script a few interesting things to say to these strangers. by tthe time you get all that done, you've worked yourself into a tizzy and you really don't wanna go on...

    or maybe I'm just shy too.... :rolleyes:
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    That is a bit odd. I wouldnt want to have a video chat with some random person...but I guess some people do.
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    I know... that would be like going to a bar and meeting someone.... weird. :D
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    the dynamics of speaking to someone in person (visually) vs. digitally (text) are totally different. there's pleanty of random people outside on the street - might as well go start a conversation there. :D
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    So whats with everyone on that page being over 30 years old...
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    maybe you lose all your friends at 29....
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    or maybe young'uns just aren't as desperate ;).

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    Explored this site a few days ago. Members ages range from 18 (the min.) to, gasp, 75. You'll need some conversational skills but it is definitely not oriented towards the lascivious. In fact, the profile filter insures a G rating and photos are screened before they are released. Thanks, navyintel007, IMHO it is about as close to a virtual bar as you can get... and you don't have to pay for drinks! Loosen your tie and enjoy the opportunity to socialize.
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    Update - Three Years Later!

    iChatFinder became Chatfinder in 2004. Most of the other iChat sites died off because they had no business model (charitable donations don't make it). As of 7/2006 there are about 40,000 registered Chatfinder members with nearly 10,000 others rejected for various reasons - this site is tough on quality and propriety. The pre-screening and features will cost you about $5 per month. Members enjoy the experience and at least three marriages have been reported. For the nerds who couldn't understand the allure of person to person video conferencing, I hope you've grown up since and gotten over your shyness. What a great way to meet interesting people from virtually every country in the world.
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    looks as though you're posting just to advertise for your site, wich is against the rules at MR.:eek:
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    Well, I don't think he is. He's just giving an update to an old thread. That is about his company and wanted to tell us about it, which is sorta against the rules but not really. :)
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    Such condescending comments aren't likely to gain you many new users. You don't have to be a shy nerd to question the "allure" of video chatting with strangers on the internet... as a matter of fact, I suspect "shy nerds" are exactly the kind of people your site appeals to.
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    My apologies for using the "N" word (nerd, that is). Thanks, lilstewart for understanding my motivation. How many of you follow up on a thread three years later to sort the wheat from the chaff with facts rather than speculation? Did iSight/iChat spawn a porn revolution? No. Did iChat force other IM's (AIM, MSN, etc.) to embrace free peer to peer video conferencing? Yes. Is visual communication with a stranger awkward? Absolutely, at first (ever been to a social event?). iChat AV has been classic Jobs leading the way.
    As for ChatFinder, I found a Feb 3, 2005 article in the New York Times that identifies the two owners as a teenager from NC and a teenager from Wales, UK. I know a bit about business and nothing about creating websites but these kids apparently built the entire enterprise by themselves. Good for them - they seem to have had better vision than some of the early posters. There is no other message in my posts other than to update this thread with what I think is a fresh perspective. If you just bought a MacBook Pro with built-in iSight as I did, this is a great place to try it out.
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    That's how my friend and I met (iChat AV), and he's coming to visit next month, I love iChat, it weeds out weirdos and good people via face to face communication.

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