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iCloud Additional Storage Pricing: $20-$100 per Year

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Alongside the iCloud.com launch, Apple has revealed the pricing for additional storage on the iCloud service.

    - 5GB Free
    - 10GB Additional, $20/year
    - 20GB Additional, $40/year
    - 50GB Additional, $100/year

    Article Link: iCloud Additional Storage Pricing: $20-$100 per Year
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    I just hope that there will be some type of special where if you buy hardware you get more space for free. Like 'Buy an iPhone 5 and get 10gb for free.'

    Also, can iTunes gift cards be used to buy space?
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    I thought it was $25 for some big number of gig's extra storage, making iCloud much cheaper than Amazon?

    I'm confused.
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    Nice! Fair pricing. 50gb for me! Would like to see a bumper deal for larger size in good time though...
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    iCloud for Lion shows it too

    iCloud for Lion shows it too. See attachment.

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    Remember this excludes your 1000 most recent photos and excludes any iTunes purchased music, TV shows (and eventually movies when agreed with studios)
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    You're talking about iTunes Match, not icloud.
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    Hmmm... If it's as versatile and integrated as Dropbox (not holding my breath), I might have to drop my Dropbox Pro account and go with iCloud.
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    When you buy a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you implicitly pay for the 5GB. So Apple will not offer any more special deals to give you more for free.
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    If you have 1 iDevice, 5gb is okay. Why shouldn't you get more space if you own 7 iDevices?
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    From Apple's iCloud webpage:

    Just to clear things up.
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    Too bad Amazon took a ton of my business from iTunes with their loss leader mp3s.
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    Right, but I have 3 iOS 5 compatible devices on my account. I'm sure others have more. Why shouldn't it be 5GB per compatible device?
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    This is what I'm saying. I'm my family, we have 10 iOS devices on our account. Why should we pay more for the same amount of space. I'm not even asking for 50gb of free space. Just a few 'buy this and get some space for free' promotions would make me happy.
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    From my understanding, the major thing iCloud is supposed to do is to keep your devices synchronized. And if instead of having 2 devices, you now have 6, you will probably not need 3 times the amount of data. Sure, Apple could be nice and give people more if they are such loyal costumers, but they don't feel that there is a big need to be so forthcoming.
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    Interested to see how this will be implemented in Europe where there is no iTunes Match... Cause i'd really like to put my 60 GB of music on an Apple cloud. But not for 100 eur! I'll probably stick to Google Music beta... Which works like a charm across the pond although not officially available. If only there was some kind of ios integration...
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    Mr Kram

    if all the devices are yours, you are sharing the data between them. why would you have different data on all 3 devices?

    likewise, if everyone has their own iTunes account, then you should each get 5GB of data.
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    5GB should be OK for now for many people. Maybe they will raise it, once they hear back from customers :)
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    Compile 'em all

    You are breaking your NDA.
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    Can somebody explain what this storage would be used for? As I understand it the iCloud doesn't actually store media, it just keeps track of what iTunes media you own. Is that accurate? If so, why would anybody need more than 5gb. of storage for their calendar, contacts, and pages documents?
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    Those promotions might (and I think they will) come in the future. But if every iDevice added 5GB to an iCloud account... Just imagine how much space that is. Apple wouldn't be able to handle that much data. 5GB's is fine for me, but on the other hand, I only have one MacBook Pro and one iPhone 4.

    I guess what they can do is give a discount on more space per iDevice you own. So if you own 5 iDevices you would be able to get 50GB's of space cheaper than a person with 1 iDevice.
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    And when you buy a Mac, you implicitly pay for OS X. But the OS X development costs for Apple don't go up when you buy a second Mac, thus this implicit OS X charge goes straight into Apple's profits.
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    If you like :apple: products, don't you want the company to earn some money, so it can continue developing new products? :rolleyes:
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    Mr Kram

    i think that we may be missing the point of all this. iCloud is not a backup service, and in fact it is very similar to the previous mobile me which they charged for. now it's free and people are complaining? i don't get it. 5GB is a good amount of storage for keeping those documents that you need on the fly.
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    i dont think i'l use more then 5GB at this point. unless I do a lot of iWork stuff. but i put most of that on dropbox.

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