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iCloud and iWork for only notebooks/desktops

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by shyam09, Oct 22, 2011.

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    ok so i have that free iCloud account and had some questions.
    How can you upload documents... and stuff like that.
    i dont own an iphone or ipad [though i am considering an ipad]...but right now i dont have anything like that... so is it not possible for me to put music and documents on the cloud b/c i dont own an iOS device?

    and last can someone explain icloud... like i know what it is and all, i have used it, but how does one with only a mac and a PC use it [for file sharing purposes...] the other features- contacts, calendar, find my iPhone, mail- are all pretty slick but yeah. my main confusion is with documents and all..

    [and please correct me if i am wrong: iCloud doesn't have a simplified version of iWorks right, it's a download type thingy.. Like it isn't anything like Google Docs or whatever Microsoft has]

    thanks for answering the silly questions ;D
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    Since you have no iOS devices use Dropbox for instead.
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    You can manully add some documents to icloud.com and download them to other computers via icloud.com but you are restricted to the type of documents you can add, you cannot add music files for example.

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