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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by gus6464, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Ok so me and my girlfriend both have a paid active mobileme family plan account that we transferred to icloud. After switching it over her icloud now shows that she got upgraded to the 20gb icloud plan making her have a total of 25gb but I still only have 5gb. Shouldn't all the icloud accounts that were transferred from paid mobileme all have the 20gb upgrade?
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    My wife and I, too, have a paid MobileMe family plan account and I migrated mine to iCloud and got the extra 20GB of storage but she hasn't migrated hers yet.

    I'm the primary on the account and your scenario makes me think that maybe only the primary gets the extra storage (when on a family plan). I'll have to have her migrate hers (was planning on it anyway) and see if we get the same result.
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    The primary gets the extra 20, but after the subscription ends the extra storage will probably go away.
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    Well that sucks we had just renewed the family plan in June so still have a long way to go before it expires. I guess I will call apple and see if they will upgrade me as well since we paid $150 to renew mobile and we are only using 2 out of the 5 allotments. Seems kinda silly to only upgrade the primary when both of us are paid subscribers.
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    Are you just guessing or are you sure it will go away?
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    I read somewhere on Apple's website (I'm searching for the source now) that you will be asked if you want to pay for the additional 20GB once June 30, 2012 rolls around or else you will lose that additional storage.
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    I'll look as well but if you find it, then please do post the link here because this is going to make a big difference on whether I move to iCloud soon or not!
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    I use both iCloud and wifi-sync....

    I have that extra 20 due to mobile me.. but when it runs out if i dont want to get the extra 20gb, I can just tell my phone to back up contacts and small stuff so I'm under the 5gb.

    That way I have 2 places for my contacts to be backed up and if I have to do a hard reset for some reason on my phone I can do it and restore from iCloud without having to be home. 5gb free, why not use it.
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    good idea!

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