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iCloud Doubled all my Events!

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by iFanaddic, Oct 12, 2011.


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    OMG this is the Biggest. Load of crap. Ever. I stayed out of iClouds development because I knew this was an issue. Now I get to the full release version and I get that exact problem I was avoiding. Can anyone help?
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    Where did it double? Did it seem to double on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac?
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    On my mac, I sold my iPhone this morning. Buying the 4S friday.


    for some reason ical on icloud.com is fine and only has single events.
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    Are you synced with GMail as well?
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    Same issue here, except I've synced my iPhone to the cloud as well. I unchecked the "All from my Mac" key on my phone, which did away with the doubles I discovered there. I just got iCal to sync with iCloud on the Mac's end of things and have now found doubles there as well, except I can't see an obvious option to get rid of the non-cloud set like I did on the phone...

    Any ideas?
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    Nevermind, figured it out.

    If you turn off the ical selection within icloud, and then turn it back on and select "merge" it works. I had to try it a few times, but now its working.
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    You're a life saver thank you so much!
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    It doesn't ask me to merge, where did you do it? On the phone or mac?
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    Ok so here is what I did. I have an iPad, iPhone, and iMac. I went through one by one and in the iCloud option and toggled calendars off. It asked Keep on My idevice or delete from my idevice. In all instances I selected delete then I turned back on and closed and reopened all iCals and logged out and back in online iCloud. Also the "iMac Calendars" on my iMac disappeared and was replaced with iCloud cals.

    Hope this helps I am subscribed to the this thread and will check if anyone has any questions. Not sure why it worked but it did.

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    Same here, can't find the option to merge.
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    When I toggled it BACK on it asked me to merge on all devices.
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    It didn't ask me when I just toggled it off and back on, but following you other directions worked after turning all off, logging in online, logging out again, then toggling the others back on.:eek: Thank you.:D
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    Good Im glad that helped! I think it just takes a min for it all to get situated. I actually somehow doubled a calendar so I have 4 instances of each event. I was flipping out. I just spent 2 days getting everything organized before iCloud so it would be great when it came. Good luck! Enjoy.
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    Omg, thanks a lot! It helped!

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