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iCloud, eating my mail sigs...

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by fisherking, Sep 21, 2012.

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    since updating to 10.8.2...and since, twice, logging in to icloud on my mac...i've lost my signatures in apple Mail. the list is still there, but there is no information (in my case, 5 signatures with small images).

    so seems to happen after logging into iCloud. i can replace the signatures folder in my user library, and when i reopen mail...am good. but have done this twice in 2 days (am keeping a copy of 'signatures' on my mac for the next time).

    anyone else seeing this?
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    anyone else seeing this? really weird. seems to happen after i go to iCloud in safari.

    have had to replace my signatures 3 times in 3 days...am gonna try to stay off of icloud, but...

    any ideas? anyone? :confused:
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    actually...seems to NOT be icloud. my email signatures just keep disappearing (not the LIST, just the signature content).

    this has NEVER happened before; started after the 10.8.2 update.
    several times, i replaced the signatures folder in apple mail, but that no longer fixes the problem.

    any thoughts?
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    disappearing signatures

    I have the identical problem - and it's a big deal for me, as I have well over 150 signatures set up as mail templates. First, the body text disappeared from mail. Now, the list has also gone.

    They are still in library/mail/v2/maildata/signatures - but don't appear in mail itself.

    Solution, anyone?
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    i wish i could tell you i figured it out. even restoring from a backup did not bring them back.i have SIX sigs, so i just cut and pasted from older sent email.

    good luck; if you find a fix, please post it!
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    disappeared signatures

    With 10.8.2 I have the lists of signatures for all my accounts and they are all missing the content. Five accounts, 50 signatures, all empty.
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    all signatures disappeared

    just bumping this post, hoping someone can answer this question. worked til 7 last night, sent 50 emails yesterday, no problems. come in this morning, all 6 email accounts in mac mail had 1-3 sigs, all sigs are gone.
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    yikes. i never solved this, i had to redo my signatures; but i copied them from old emails...

    hope someone figures this out!
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    iCloud is eating my signatures too...

    I'm experiencing the same issue. If I use a simple text only sig (or multiple sigs) generated in OSX Mail they sync between all my machines without any issues. However, once I modify the .mailsignature file with my custom design the signatures are lost across all machines. By lost, they are reset to a blank signature. If I lock the files, Mail just creates new ones now. Very odd!

    Anyone else find a solution yet?

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