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iCloud Free Trial, $25 Per Year, and Ads?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Rumors are flowing fast in the days before WWDC. LATimes reveals some additional details about Apple's iCloud service.

    The iCloud service will function as many have expected. Offering iTunes users the ability to save their purchases to iCloud and then being able to listen to it from any web browser or Apple device. Apple will be offering a free trial for those who buy music from iTunes and later expects to charge "about" $25/year for the service.

    The LATimes also adds without detail that "Apple would also sell advertising around its iCloud service." It's not clear in what form this advertising would be, and whether it would be present for only free or also paid customers.

    Finally, Apple expects to extend the iCloud concept to movies, TV shows and other digital content. Apple will be announcing iCloud at next week's WWDC.

    Article Link: iCloud Free Trial, $25 Per Year, and Ads?
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    $25 per year would be pretty nice since my MobileMe subscription renews the day after the keynote. :)
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    Soooooo no music on iCloud if it's not purchased from iTunes I can assume?
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    So not really a good competitor to Spotify then.
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    So this is basically just an online locker for iTunes store purchases?

    If true that is pretty disappointing.
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    $25 a year? Wow, that's only $2.08 a month. Shoot, I spend more than that on iPhone apps every couple weeks.
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    Good price. I will subscribe in an instand
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    Unless the vast majority of your music collection is purchased from iTunes I fail to see why anyone would buy this service.

    I'd like to have a way to integrate my iTunes library on my NAS at home into the cloud service. This way I could have a combination of streaming from my own drives and apple's servers depending on where I purchased it.
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    and its like half the price of paying for text messages... $5 per month
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    There's no way that the labels would agree to let Apple host all of the music files that you have because there's no guarantee that you actually purchased those files or legitimately ripped them from a CD. This isn't surprising at all.

    Everyone should be taking all of this with a grain of salt and waiting for Monday.
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    QFT, especially since it might include movies. I hope, hope, hope this includes photos as well.
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    Do you expect that MobileMe will be included in iCloud or think it is a nice coincidence that your subscription renews on the same day? :)

    iTunes is unfortunately not my only source of music, since I have to buy songs on CD that are not available on the Store. Paying for a streaming service that lets me play my purchased songs from iTunes is very much too limited as I would pay such considerable price for that.
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    Sky Blue

    I'd rather store things locally, not have to worry about buffering and save $25 a year.
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    is this going to be the new mobile me or in conjunction with mobile me. i renewed in feb. im going to want money back if thats the price pt and theres no more mobile me.
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    I'm Ok with ads if it brings the price down and is not interruptive and in my face - I would hate ad jingles between streamed songs.
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    I agree, but couldn't apple allow me to stream from my own NAS for music I didn't purchase from them? I use StreamToMe right now but it would be nice to have something that would integrate with the iPod app on my iPhone.
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    lol 25$ and u can only use music u already paid for LAME .... and useless to me as i have like 20 songs purchased from the store
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    Considering ive got exactly zero songs purchased thru iTunes, it would seem iCloud may as well be vapourware for me.
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    25 sounds interesting.
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    Interesting. I'm anxious to learn how/if this will play with MobileMe.

    I have an apple ID for MoMe and another one for iTunes. Not sure how it will or won't jive.
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    Well the MR story just below this one suggests that it will be for iTunes-purchased music for now, but that Apple hopes to be able to extend this later. So... maybe?

    The vast majority of my online-purchased music has been from iTunes anyway, since there are very few other alternatives here in Canada -- we don't have Amazon MP3, nor Wal-Mart, etc. Most of my music is ripped from CDs though, so this service would have relatively little value to me at the beginning.

    $25 sounds like a great start though! Looking forward to Monday.
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    I want a digital locker for all of MY music, whether it be downloaded from iTunes, ripped from my CD or vinyl or even borrowed from a friend (yes, I don't do illegit music...). I don't and won't want to pay to have only my iTunes purchases, which represent a small part of my music collection, stored somewhere else. I can't see the value for a serious music collector.

    Will alter my opinion if the keynote offers something else though.
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    Which is why Google and Amazon had the right idea in not even asking them. Apple had to ask them because my guess is your not actually uploading any of your music. iCloud is just streaming a song from its service if its flagged that you bought it. Which is why they needed a licensing agreement.

    I don't see this working unless your entire library can be used for it. Can you imagine only being able to put songs you downloaded from iTunes on your iPod?
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    I think it will be much more than that.

    The cloud icon looks like an app icon and they are putting it on the same level as Lion and iOS 5 at a developer conference.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Apple came out with an iCloud SDK for developers allowing them to easily sync data between iPhone/iPad/Mac.

    In addition to shared files, contacts, calendar and the other stuff that is already in MobileMe.

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