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iCloud mail not working this morning?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by wolfpackfan, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Can't get into email via IMAP or web access this morning. I have to say, I am very disappointed in Apple's implementation of iCloud. You would have thought they would have learned from the MobileMe fiasco. But evidently they didn't. I am thinking seriously about saying the heck with iCloud and just go back to Gmail. I think Apple is incapable of running an online service successfully.
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    I am not experiencing any issues accessing through the web or mail, so it isn't system wide
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    It seems up now. I couldn't access via IMAP or web at 7:30am PST this morning
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    Mine is not working at this moment...email gets pushed to iPhone, but not my mac...the other day it did this and I got email on my mac by hitting "get mail", but now that doesn't even work...must be an iCloud bug thing. I am having issues with the iTunes wifi sync as well, very buggy.
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    I switched to Gmail when iCloud was announced. Don't want another hassle like MM ever again. No thanks Apple!
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    Just received a call from a "Heather" from a Texas phone number. She was responding to an email I sent to Tim Cook. She asked me for more information on what I was experiencing Saturday morning.

    I'm assuming they took it seriously as I explained that I was demo'ing how my company uses iCloud with Mac's, iPhones and iPad to stay in contact and in sync. It was pretty upsetting when it didn't work. and yes... I lost the client.

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