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iCloud Pages?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by w00t951, Aug 12, 2012.

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    I love iCloud integration into OS X, and I especially enjoy the iWork integration. However, I've a few questions.

    Does saving to iCloud also leave a copy on your HDD for offline access?

    If a file is modified on, say, an iPad (offline) and a MacBook (offline), how will iCloud know which file version to save?

    Has anyone ever encountered issues with iCloud that prevented them from accessing their documents properly?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Yes, but it is hidden in deep

    If it's offline, how can it save anything? My guess is that it's based on time stamp. Like MobileMe syncing with Mail, contacts, and Calendars.
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    To answer the first question, there is still a version saved on your computer, but it's usually better to explicitly save it to your HDD or external storage media for ease of access later.

    If you're using iWork apps offline, then nothing would be getting saved to iCloud until you took them online. If you want to work offline but have both versions saved to iCloud later, then I'd recommend renaming one of them (i.e. 'TPS Report' and 'TPS Report 2') so that they don't overwrite each other once you're online again.
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    Right, all I'm worried about is not being able to access them offline. I don't really mind not seeing them, as the Share function built into the title bar does it all for me.

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    If you started a doc on either the iOS or OS X version of Pages, you'd have to sync that file to iCloud and then access it from the other machine first. But once you've accessed it the first time, you can then access the copy on the device itself without having to get it from iCloud each time. It does not work like Google Docs (where the files being edited are in the cloud from the start), so you are not tied to an internet connection to do work.

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