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Discussion in 'Community' started by Independence, Jun 10, 2003.

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    i just saw this last night on another forum (i visit lots of forums)and thought it was strangely humorous. i know it features an XP desktop, maybe there's a mac version somewhere on the web. anyway, check it out! :)

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    that's pretty cool. thanks for the link
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very nicely done - although I'm wondering what the icon names were in chinese?

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    probably done by someone overseas :)

    i saw this a few months ago, i believe. a bit odd. i dunno, i found myself looking for a deeper meaning and i don't see it.
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    good stuff. did you guys notice the icons had little souls that floated up after they died?
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    haha. That was great. A Mac OS X one could be done from the dock. That would be interesting. :) ;)

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    Thanks for the link, very interesting. Great sword fighting! ;)
  8. zed
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    that is pretty kewl, i could see the happy mac face devouring some of the other icons on the dock... that would be great fun! :eek:
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    after seeing MSIE in action, i really wanted it to win. too bad though. :)
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    seen it 20 times in forums in the past year... :rolleyes:
  11. zed
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    Yeah, the IE icon definitely had some "Krull"action going ;) :cool:
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    For Mac OS X there (as mentioned) could be a dock one.
    A desktop one.
    And my thought would be a Systems Preferences battle.
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    Geez that was funny

    Wow that was FUNNY, i laughed hard, really hard when i say that, think there trying to make a point about diablo, i kinda wished IE won that cirucular saw sliseing other icons in half was awsome...
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    pretty funny. thought the endig is somewhat strange :D
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    yeah, well obviously the rest of us hadn't

    go figure.
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    well, i've never seen it before, along with some people on another forum i visit.

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