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Icons on Desktop

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by joey4127, Feb 19, 2005.

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    Is there any use to have an icon on the Desktop?
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    Care to clarify what you mean?

    Some people like saving their work onto the desktop for easy access...
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    Some of my colleagues seem to believe it's the only place to save their work. Occasionally, when I have to do something on their machines it's a nightmare... my work desktop is a severe, barren expanse of flat mid-grey with 4 aliai & no disks...
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    But if you have it on the dock...Why make icons on desktop?
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    A) The Dock is limited in space and capacity.
    B) You can quickly navigate to the Desktop and other important places with a keyboard shortcut (Apple-D for desktop) within Finder and the save/open dialog boxes of other programs.
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    It's just personal preference really. The dock is mainly used for apps whilst the desktop is used for documents. You can of course put documents in the dock but you'll quickly stretch the dock to miniscule proportions! Some people put folders containing the most important docs in the dock and that seems to be a pretty good compromise. I guess one of the benefits of keeping things on the desktop is that with exposé (F11) you've got quick easy access.

    I'm exactly the same, I'm a stickler for a tres clean desktop. I always get an irresistible urge to tidy up other people's cluttered desktops...it's an illness! :p :)
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    :eek: It is?!? :eek: :D
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    If there's a cure for this, I don't want it...

    p.s. Who else is going to sing Diana Ross songs to you at 10am on a Sat morning? :)
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    Ha, ha! :D

    It's a shame I've got a different type of hangover! :p
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    LOL...I think i got the virus too :confused:

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