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Idea for Apple to increase stock price

Discussion in 'Community' started by mcrain, Jun 26, 2002.

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    Apple could just hire Arthur Anderson as their accountants, and then issue a press release saying they made 3.4 billion dollars of profit in the first quarter of 2002, and now have 67% of the computer market and 26% of the server market.

    The stock price would easily hit 50 or 60 bucks.
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    but they use windows.
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    Leave it to krossfyter to put things in their right place.

    great response!!!

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    dig it man...DIG IT!
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    enron, tyco, now worldcom

    just the tip of the iceberg i'm afraid. nobody wanted to be the "one" company not making money during the "recovery". too bad there hasn't been a recovery yet... theres gonna be many more fanciful cooked book recipes before its all said and done.

    lets just hope apple's billions in cash isn't near-future redeemable securities or investments( such as options in now worthless companies)...the fine print on quarterly reports can be a little scary. i'm glad aapl is at $16...finally getting down to what i consider to be a realistic value with some upside potential.
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    Man my aapl stocks are not doing to well, guess I will have to stick it for the long term. Well at least they are finding these companies, lets hope Apple is not one of them.

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