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Idea for the Next Great Apple Inovation

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TEG, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. TEG
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    I just posted this to Apple's Feedback Page. Let be know what you think.


    I love my PowerBook G4 500, however after reciently purchasing a Nintendo DS, my mind began creating new ideas, and I feel that Apple needs to be on the forefront of technology. To that end I feel that with many companies moving to touch-screen technology, like Safeway/Vons for their Club Card/ATM/Credit Card KeyPads, Nintendo's DS portable video game system, and most vehicle GPS/Navagation systems, that Apple should begin to integrate touch screens into the PowerBook line. The ultimate goal would be replacing the entire keyboard/trackpad section with a touch screen. This would reduce mechanical defects, by removing all but the Power Button from this equation, it would protect the internal components from spillage, as LCD Touch Screens are usually spill resistant, allow for more flexibility in UI design, and user experience, could allow for advanced image editing and graphic design, by allowing an artist to manipulate an image with a stylus on the "lower" screen, showing realtime changes, and tracing lines onto the screen. It also addresses the small demand for a tablet Mac by allowing the same functions with out giving up current features.

    Imagine the Possibilities
    An owner of a "new" PowerBook would be allowed to customized their keyboard for a variety of purposes, writing a letter or paper, they could move the keyboard closer to the edge, allowing for more efficient writing. Conversing in a foreign language would be made easier, by allowing more efficient access to special characters, or in the case of non-Latin based languages, access to all characters, some of which you simply can't type on a typical American QWERTY Keyboard. It would also allow for easier adoption of alternative keyboard layouts, like DVORAK or PLUM. It would also allow for better use of keyboards for gaming, by allowing the player to configure the controls as they see fit would move gamers to the Mac to play games that take advantage of the technology.

    Mousing anywhere
    Allows for convenient placement of the trackpad, wherever the user wants it. It would also allow users to configure the trackpad they way they want it, it would default to single button settings, but the user could configure it for two button setups, three buttons for UNIX software, and a great plethora of programable macro buttons they can configure as they see fit.

    For the Business
    It would allow for business users to configure the keyboard to have a keypad (something many new Wintel laptops feature) and could easily help in the area.

    Please think about the benefits to such a move, not to mention the possibility of people creating their own Okudagrams (Name for Michael Okuda, the creator of the UIs in Star Trek, with touch screens). It would be a great feature to be able to hold over the heads of the Wintel community to prove how much stronger and better Apple is over the competition.

    Thomas Gill
    Computer Engineering Student
    Kettering University
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    Sound like a good idea, the problem is the cost would be much to high to market it as they do now with the PB's. I like it thou.
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    Very nice idea :rolleyes:

    This would make the wintel market go "waath........but....ammm...ahhh"
    They would have nothing to compete with nor would they have anything up their sleves to show as a prototype. ;)

    Not just would it be great but I think that Graphics professionals would be able to do a lot of their work faster on the go and at base :cool:
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    You'd have to carry a small nuclear reactor on your back to power the thing. The biggest power draw comes from the screen.
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    I think typing on a touch-screen keyboard would make it virtually impossible to continuously hit the right keys... your hands would gradually drift from their original positions and you wouldn't be able to feel the edge of the keys to know it was happening until you had a whole string of wrong letters. Not to mention, people frequently leave some of their fingers on the keys and just press down if that key needs to be activated... you wouldn't be able to press that on a touch screen, and you'd probably inadvertently hit about a million keys.
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    I'm currently researching cold fusion power sources. I have begun in earnest the thought that will lead to the invention and application of cold fusion. I'm still in the early stages of my research, but should have a working prototype within 20 years. With my invention, I hope to create a low cost energy source that will reduce if not eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and chemical batteries.
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    Touchsreen keyboards are so fricken hard to use, its hard enough to use a Laptop keyboard as it is... (for touch typing anyway).

    Also, companies already have their screen being a touch screen on laptops...
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    I'd like Apple's next great innovation to be something that does for ebooks what the iPod did for music - the iRead.

    It'd be about the size of a paperback book with an iTunes like interface for putting ebooks on it and navigating your way through them. Like many in big cities who take public transport, I'm never without a book in my bag which can get a little bulky and means I rarely read hardcovers. I know you can do it with PDAs etc at the moment but it's unwieldy and awkward and the screens are too small to do it easily. Add wifi capability and Safari and I'd be first in line.
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    While I think it would be a cool product, I don't see millions of people forking over hundreds of dollars for a book-reading device.
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    I would like Apple's next big innovation to be an iFilms Movie Store or something to that effect, accompanied by a portable video player. I think it would be a HUGE hit. I do not, however, think it is likely to happen, as I think it is enormously unlikely that the movie studios would agree to it.
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    A three button mouse with scroll wheel ;)
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    Or something like the Logitech MX 1000 :rolleyes:
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    well don't forget there are uses for that kind of device...

    for instance: digital studio camera's wich have all the controlls in software would allow us to mount one of these next to the camera and manipulate settings when standing there, now a lot of people have their computer some meters away and this rseults in running back and forth all the time when changing settings (a lot of the studiocamera's don't use viewfinders but videofeed from the back...) add a small Firewire harddrive to this so we can unplug that after shooting, because off course edting itselfwill be done on a G5 (need for speed ;))

    but for home users, I don't see the point indeed...
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    Sorry, I'm not long awake, and just scanned over his post. I didn't realise he meant having a lower touch-screen like the DS instead of just using a touch-screen for the display. :eek:
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    I dont really get your point "sorry nothing bad meant"

    The reason I said it was becasue that was a Windows OS :eek:
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    well if you would have used one of those camera's in the usual setups you would find a tablet system quite usefull

    well yes off course ;) I would not want this device with Windows but more likely an iTablet ;) with larger screens than the PC tablets... and off course MacOSX so it will work :D

    but maybe if they would make a possibility to have a 17" iMac with touchscreen that would do the trick too... there is no space for a keyboard in the setup I have in mind, and most things are 'click' commands ;)

    sorry but I'm just dreaming of a more practical Photostudio...
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    So tell me, how do you get cold fusion to power a laptop if there is no chemical battery in it?

    Wouldn't it just be a different type of chemicals? And maybe the battery would be non-removable at that point, but it would still effectively have the battery and chemicals.

    And it probably should be removeable for a couple of reasons... You only have to pay for it when you buy the original product and when you upgrade you keep the same power source. Or if something goes wrong in it, you just replace the battery. And it would be less of a recycling effort if the cold fusion power source was seperate.
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    Been there, done that

    The eReader concept was hot in the late 1990's and into the early part of the 00"s - I had one of the very first Rocket E-books. It would carry about 10 books and the battery ran about 16 hours. It was heavy, but not as heavy as 10 books.

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    Well now I get it, and that would be a good idea :rolleyes:
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    I would love to have an Apple home media center that is easier to use than rigging a PM/PB/Mac Mini to do what I want it to do. I would also like to see an Apple portable video player with an iTMS type download function. Most of all I would love it if they integrated a Wacom tablet onto the massive palmrest of my PB 17".
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    Why can't apple just make a headless iMac G5

    The new Mac mini

    G5 1.6/1.8
    2 RAM slots
    GFX 5200

    That would just be SO great. :rolleyes: :D
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    Edit: Accidently double posted. Please delete this.

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