Ideas for G5 xserve?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by FlatlinerG, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Hi all, I recently got an old G5 xserve for basically nothing and figured I could have some fun with it. I have no real use for it and yes I know that something even as cheap as a Mac Mini could outperform it. Either way, I'm looking for ideas of what to use it for.

    I was thinking a Minecraft server, which sounds like it could be difficult on the G5..or a local file sharing server. Zero other ideas though. Thoughts?
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    What are the specs on it? CPU? HDD space? Ram? etc?
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    2.0GHz G5 - single
    1GB ram - can easily be upgraded
    320GB hard drive
    OS X 10.5 server

    It's pretty much the baseline early 2005 xserve.
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    I would add an SSD for Mac OS X Server and use the other 2 drive bays for a couple 1 or 2tb hard drives and make it a NAS. But I think you need to add jumpers to the drives to get the G5 to see them.
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    Les Kern

    Artificial reef.
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    I was thinking something along these lines if I can't run any decent game servers from it. Maybe I'll go that route if I can find some good deals on hard drives.
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    I just picked up a similar server. The guy I got it from was wrong with the specs. I was hoping for the Xeon version instead its a G5. I bought it for $40, in the hopes of setting up a minecraft server for my daughter & friends... Sadly Java no longer updates for PPC for the newer versions of Minecraft.

    The real kick in the pants it had no OS and Apple Support said its vintage so I am SOL.

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    makes a great tv tray ;)
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    install Debian linux on it and you will have an updated version on java. Whether its good enough for MC i am uncertain.
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    Interesting idea - thanks :) Will give it a try soon.
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    I thought about buying a cheap G4 or G5 Xserve to do this.

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    That's cool! Instructions/more info anywhere??
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    I don't see any flipper buttons.
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    Seems to me.....

    as a good Folding@home machine (have to confirm if they develop a PPC client still). Or a file server....

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    I'm running late 2006 Intel it as a small minecraft server fine. Loaded it up with 16 gigs and dedicated most of that RAM to the server. For a small 10 person server, it does the trick

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