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iDisk and Dropbox alternative with Bluehost

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by bmorris, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Basically, can I setup something like Dropbox that take a directory off my FTP and makes it available offline, but keeps it in sync when files are modified or added? It would be even nicer if somehow there was a way for clients to easily upload files as well with out the FTP troubles.

    I was wondering can I setup a virtual drive like iDisk and Dropbox on my computers but with our webhost, Bluehost? We pay about $100/yr for domain and hosting with so much space. Our website takes up very little space. I'd like to be able to move a lot of our business files and videos to our FTP but have a cloned copy of that directory on our computers, accessible offline.
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    As bluehost uses cpanel, there is a built in feature called web disk.

    This basically makes the remote directory show up on your mac or pc as an external HD would. However, you would need an internet connection. The files are not locally saved on your computer.

    From a client side, you can simply drag and drop without the need for FTP as everything will show up in the folder.

    In cpanel under Files you should see a web disk icon where you can setup users and specify the accessible directories.

    Be sure to check the TOS of your host though. As many now offer "unlimited" space, but have strict policies regarding storage:


    Most only want you storing what's actually live and being linked to on your site, if you were wanting to add non production materials. Hope this helps.
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    Most web hosts specifically have wording in their TOS to prohibit using their resources as a file server.
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    well say, these files were pertinent to clients and the hosting of the site.
    client and us working together on their website. sharing files that need editing for the site.

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