iDisk browser hole

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Link: iDisk browser hole
    Description:: iDisk content is not as secure as you think when accessing through a browser.

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    All one has to do is make it password protected.
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    Actually, the article indicates that won't help.

    The problem is that if you use iDisc on a machine others have access to, iDisk doesn't have a logout function and anyone using the computer after you coudl find your iDisk in the history and would have full access to it.
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    However, several users have noted that the "fix" for this problem is to just quit the browser after you finish with the iDisk. This will apparently log you out and to regain access you need the password.
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    In more news, if I log onto my bank account in a coffee shop and walk away from my laptop, someone could get into my account....
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    We have the same issue at my university when browsing to password protected university web pages. This warning applies to Mac, PCs, linux and others One is supposed to log out after visiting.

    "Private Browsing" should address this issue on the Mac. Is there an equivalent feature on the PC side?

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