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iDOS is back

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Stirolak123, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Just wqnted to let you guys know. And toucharcade mentions an eploit where u can still add any game onto it via a third party explorer app so for those of u who havent grabbed it the first time do it as its free. Now u can get ur masters of orion and xcom fixes on the go.
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    I was spewing I missed it the first time although I found a quote from a website but have yet to try it as I dont have any old DOS games with me at work. Good luck!

    "Update at 1:16 p.m. PDT: iOS games blog Touch Arcade points out that there's still a way to add files to the application using Macroplant's cross-platform iPhone Explorer utility. This solution does not require jailbreaking of the iOS device, though may lead to the app getting yanked again."

    Check this out where it says "YOU CAN STILL INSTALL GAMES, EVEN IF NOT JAILBROKEN!"
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    Thanks for sharing this informative post. Thanks
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    This has gone from the app store AGAIN!

    Probably due to the above workaround

    I installed this yesterday and it worked fine but now it won't load. It starts to show the idos logo then goes back to springboard. I rebooted and same problem.

    Have apple used the kill switch?
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    I also installed this yesterday, and I have just tried it, and iDOS booted fine, and both games that I downloaded started and played fine.

    This was on my non JB'd iPad
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    yeah another rare app to my collection. it really sucks that apple removes those kinds of games from the app store :(
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    Make sure your cable is not connected when you use/start iDos.
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