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iDVD'09 OneStep DVD not working

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by dobryd, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Hi All, I tried to make OneStep DVD importing from Canon HV30 camcorder, but not successful.
    After pressing the button "OneStep DVD" from initial iDVD menu, iMac shows in alert window instructions for how to proceed. Switching on the camcorder in PLAY mode, inserting a blank DVD into the Optical drive and pressing OK are advised actions. I followed them but after pressing OK, only the initial iDVD pop-up menu appears again and that's all. I have restarted iMac but no difference.

    Please help!
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    I believe (last time I used it) Firewire is required for OneStep DVD as it uses the old iMovie/QuickTime framework to do the import. Are you using Firewire or USB? Things could have changed with iLife ’09 (although I’m fairly sure Apple didn’t bother to update iDVD in ’09).

    Also, doesn’t Canon’s HD camcorders store video in HDV? I’m not sure if iDVD supports that as it doesn’t do HD. If you have the option, check to make sure you're outputting DV.

    Does your camcorder work in iMovie ’09?
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    Hi jaw04005,
    Thank you for answering my thread.
    I am using FireWire connection and my Canon HV30 works perfectly with iMovie'09. I used to create a lot of DVD projects with iDVD but using all the other options except One-Step DVD. But the quality of produced DVDs was bad because of the many encodings engaged. As you correctly noticed, HV30 produces HDV format. One encoding comes from iMovie during the footage import and the second comes from iDVD which encodes in MPEG-2 and the third - PAL encoding.
    All that spoils the quality drastically and I decided to try One-Step DVD to reduce number of encodings thought, iDVD will encode HDV directly to MPEG-2. Unfortunately this not works on my computer.

    Another solution could be to have some software which make this encoding HDV->MPEG-2 and to burn this file with iDVD (If possible?!) or TOAST but I do not know where to search for a such SW. If you know, please let me know.

    Thanks and regards,
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    I would examine your work flow. The iDVD quality shouldn't be bad. It won't be HD of course since iDVD only handles standard definition video, so your HD is being reduced in size.

    I am aware of an Apple discussion thread talking about bad video in iMovie 08/09 for miniDV video. I think that is limited to mini DV standard def, but a hint in the discussion suggests perhaps interlaced HDV would be affected too.

    Just found this solution, which may help out.
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    I pulled your camera manual. Change the Play/Out Setup to Playback STD with DV Output before making the connection to iDVD.

    From your manual (Page 77):

    Change the following settings as necessary before making the connections. Refer to the corresponding explanation of each setting in the
    PLAY/OUT SETUP menu option list (Page 40).
    - [PLAYBACK STD] and [DV OUTPUT] to select the standard of the output video. Note that the video standard of the transferred video depends also on the standards supported by the computer.

    If it works or doesn’t work, post back.

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    Hi jaw04005,
    Thank you for the advice. This solved my problem! It was "hidden" into the camcorder PLAY settings - true. Now it's possible to create One-Step DVD.

    Thanks and regards,
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    Hi xStep,

    Thank you for the useful links to DVD quality discussions. I have read and tested some of the suggestions, but the quality is not satisfactory. Probably I should try some other SW instead of iMovie and iDVD but usually it needs a lot of time (and money) to find an appropriate one. If you know some, please let me know.

    Thanks and regards,
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    Perhaps Norrkross Movie.

    You can find iMovie HD out there, but Apple doesn't have the free download any longer.
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    hello to all of you.

    I do also have a problem with onestep DVD. most of camcorders do not have firewire connestion anymore. just the older ones. here I read that someone used canon hv30. to my knowledge this camcorder does not have firewire either. is it possible to use an adapter cable or the like?

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