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Discussion in 'Ten Million Post Contest' started by harry*333, Jun 11, 2010.

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    here's the new one
    updated to include the ipad, the last guy on the right is reading the new york times while listening to his ipod touch:eek:
    and in case no one noticed last time, the ipods are also evolving
    the first is the original ipod, then the ipod mini(in pink), then ipod video, then ipod nano 3rd gen (in red), and finally an ipod touch 1st gen
    hope everyone likes it:p

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    and again here's a larger version

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    I can't see what those devices are on the small one. MAybe you should make the people taller and shrink the font or maybe you should make the devices bigger for effect.
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    Retina Avatars

    The fact the detail was there in the first place and that we have an explanation is what makes this entry so cool. :)

    The Article Image Mosaic by skikid419 has also created a large mosaic and then shrunk it beyond the point at which you can see it.

    Lets just call these ones "Retina Avatars" :cool:
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    Might as well update

    Then next obvious step in the evolution is wireless headphones/earbuds. I'm talking unmovable, good-supported earphones. Either that or an implant from Apple that's drilled into your skull.
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    "Honey, I can't change the baby's diaper right now, I'm recharging my implant." What kind of surge protector would you need for that.

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