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If a Rev:D isn't out tm I'm going HP with intel graphics.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Airforcekid, Mar 1, 2010.

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    My rev:c was great but I can't justify paying over a $1,000 for dated hardware until rev:E I'm going I3 and intel integrated graphics been wanting to see how well they compared with the 9400M. At least I have a slim chance of a release tommorrow. Also a good chance windows won't last long and I will be running Ubuntu soon enough.
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    Intel vs Nvidia?

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    Don't get Intel integrated graphics. If you've seen it, it's absolutely dismal.

    Also, I highly doubt a release tomorrow. Apple doesn't release new stuff every Tuesday.
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    -on even years. XD
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    Omg DONT get intel graphics.
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    I'm afraid that you will be stuck with the Intel GMA for a while...
    it's just not gonna happen
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    I know, it's hard. I just can't bare spending $300 more on a computer and an OS that actually look like they were thought out and, more importantly, finished as well as something that performs soooo much better on equal hardware and integrates so well with every other device in my newly founded home network, of course, all thanks to my mac, which will still be worth something in 10 years and remains fresh and usable even then.

    And the fact that they come with iLife and can run iWork, misery :(
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    I guess thats sarcasm..?

    lol..ok. If you are happy with the mac then fine.

    Win 7 is actually really good and the OP may put Ubu on it anyway.

    iLife and iWork?

    now I really am laughing!
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    Windows is a headache, it looks like the GUI was laid out by a schizo. It would be like having a desk at your office that was in 1x1' pieces and randomly changed position, rearranging all of your papers and tediously arranged pens. And then if you try to reach for something, a piece moves into your way and you have to move it out of the way because the minimize and close buttons are grayed out.

    The mere fact that some icons in Windows date back to 1999 just goes to show, even Microsoft doesn't care about Windows.

    MacOS X is written by passionate workers that want THEIR system to be sharp, clean and bug free.

    Ubuntu is another story, but at least Linux has a good foundation.

    MacOS X is the "completed" version of Linux/Unix. It works almost like both, but unlike them, it doesn't look like there are missing pieces everywhere.

    Now, excuse me, I'm trying to install this driver in Windows 95...what the! I need the install disk for Windows JUST to install a third party driver?! *sigh* here we go...

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    I would disagree with every point, as would 95% of the computer using world, so I guess we need to leave it there.

    good luck
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    You might also consider a ThinkPad. The T-series is great.
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    x2 Thinkpads are awesome had one in the early 2000's, still works to this day, even gamed on it and it was a pretty base model. Only PC I'd consider buying - love the hardcore functionality styling on them too, so uncool they're cool as!
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    So because there is no new Air you want a 15.6" Windows laptop? It doesnt sound like the Air's features were what you needed since you are buying something completely different. Enjoy!

    Also, you have a typo in your sig. Normally I wouldnt care but the tone of you signature makes it a bit ironic so I wanted to point it out.
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    ^^ Seconded. Talk about an Apples to oranges comparison, geez...
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    Hi! I just joined macrumors today I have been following these forums for awhile but just now created an account.

    Now for my two cents:
    I would advise you against purchasing an HP. Shell out the extra cash for a Macbook. I have an HP laptop which I have owned for a year or so now and it seemed like a good comp at first but after a few months its problems begin to arise.

    The HPs have poor cooling and are made of cheap materials. My HP overheated when installing ubuntu. The whole system bends (slightly) and the screen wobbles when open. The track pad has issues and I have to bend the computer until I hear a snap for it to work (often once or twice every hour). Also battery life sucks.

    Windows 7 is the best windows OS to date but nothing when compared to OSX. I wouldn't spend $600 now because Apple has not released an updated computer like you want. Unless you absolutely need a new comp keep your current one and wait for the rev D which will be thousands times better than any HP. Just know that you will (probably) be let down by that HP and be wanting a new comp in a few days.
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    our offices HP's are fairly crap quality and they are $1,200 13"ers.

    Creaking plastic, very very very poor battery life.

    Quite heavy for the size and rather thick for 1yr old.

    Speed tho, they are fairly quick but I don't expect blazing speed from a laptop in the first place. Very usable.

    We upgraded them from Vista to Win7 Pro, which helped make them quicker but I may be a tad biased towards Apples design inside and out.

    My 2 cents but either way, you're not going to lose if you're actually happy with your purchase.
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    In general HP has been rated very poorly in both initial quality and longevity in recent surveys. There are decent PC laptops out there (Thinkpad, Panasonic, Asus, Acer) but HP's are not it.
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    It is a shame Apple is letting a nice machine like the MBA stagnate. I would have gotten one if it came with at least 3gb of ram and firewire(have a external I connect via firewire all the time), even the mini-firewire port would have done. Plus, Apple stopped offering a 12in machine, which is a size(and 11ins) I really prefer. Even thought the new intel HD gpu is better, I would still suggest getting something that offer both the intel hd and a dedicated gpu if there is a right model with-in your price range.
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    I agree with you as well.

    The MBA is very attractive but there are 4 things that are keeping me away from it.

    1) Only 2GB of RAM.
    2) No firewire.
    3) Possibility of hinge breaking in the future.
    4) 13" MBP.
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    Your number 1 reason is the same thing the majority consider the problem with the MBA followed by drive space. FireWire is a dead tech not even relevant, but it shows why you would care so much about an MBP as your number 4, or alternative.

    In the end, USB 3.0 would be 10X more enticing for me than FW in an MBA, MBP, or whatever other computer I was considering... (no, I don't want to hear about LightPeak in a reply). Backwards compatibility will make USB 3.0 just as amazing as USB 2.0 and will continue to own the market.

    I wouldn't care about the hinge because Apple is fixing it free of charge whenever it's a problem. I believe my MBA's hinge is pretty tight, however when I pick it up too swiftly I will notice the display moving and sometimes goes all the way back to the back position where it shouldn't go further. I will admit that it's not incredibly strong, but then it's a 3 lb. computer. I suspect a new hinge will find its way into the next MBA too. I would enjoy being able to have a wider range to open the lid myself... anyone else feel that way?
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    If the next revision of the MBA had 4GB of RAM + USB 3.0, I'd pick one up in an instant.

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