If Apple Is A Hardware Company . . .

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by New Guy, Dec 13, 2002.

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    then why don't they make more hardware. By that I mean why don't they make more than one keyboard and mouse? Microsoft is supposedly a Software company yet they make mice, keyboard, joysticks, etc.

    Apple should diversify their products to include more peripherals that would work with both Windows and Mac.

    Like the iPod, if they get more people used to buying Apple made peripherals and realize the build/design quality they might be more likely to purchase an Apple computer.

    What other devices do you think they should be building?
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    i've always thought they should build a high-end keyboard. some Japan company built (still builds?) a real high-end keyboard that looks fantastic. besides that, i see a multi-button mouse in the near future.
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    I've hear many people, including Steve Jobs himself, compare Apple to Sony and Sony makes everything. :) Seems to me that they should put their industrial design think-tank to work on more than a couple of products a year.

    Just look how well all their nick-nacks sold over thanksgiving weekend. Imagine if they had Apple branded alarm clocks that worked with iCal, phones that sinced with your mac, or keyboards and mice on the other 95% of computers sold in the world today. They would have a lot more revenue to give to their R&D department.

    I have gotten a lot of compliments from windows using family members on the Apple mouse when they see it attached to my PowerBook. I would bet a few of them would purchase a 2 button Apple Pro mouse if geven the chance.
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    Steve Jobs has been quoted saying though that Apple is a SOFTWARE company, first and foremost
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    in some ways, I've often thought it would be a good idea if apple had a wholly owned subsidiary for making some devices that fall outside of just the computer. I think a lot of people might just assume anything built by apple is only for mac computers. They could build really good hardware (like the iPod) that can be sold to PC users as well, for precisely the purpose you state.

    An anlogy (I know, I know, not another car/computer analogy) would be the way BMW has MINI, and Toyota has Scion. Its the same company, but a different focus of products. Its a chance for apple to increase revenues through other avenues. The apple brand is very strong, but its also very closely associated with just macintosh comptuers, which is why I think another brand wouldn't be a bad thing.

    The downside of such a plan is that such markets, like mice, keyboards, etc, are pretty saturated and there's not a lot of profit margin in a lot of these computer accesories. It might be difficult for apple to break into them and be effective. Even with just the amc market, if they start selling all sorts of keyboards and mice, there might not be anough of an economy of scale to justify the cost fo development.

    I think we'll see more items along the lines of the iPod. Some kind of apple harware that integrates with, but is separate from the computer. streaming music to a stereo or integrating the TV are obvious avenues that apple coudl excel at with its technologies.
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    But even if the profit margins were low wouldn't having their products displayed on computer store shelves next to other PC hardware instead of in the back corner of CompUSA where noone but mac people see them be worth the expense. And how many people have bought larger ticket items from a company that produced a less expensive item that they use and love?

    Same idea with the iPod. If you are a PC user and spend $200–$400 on an iPod an love it, would you be more inclined to purchase a mac as your next computer?

    I think this strategy would work as long as they produce quality items.
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    I think theres definiltey potential, i was just pointing out thats it not as cut and dry as people make it sound sometimes. one of the worst thigns a company can do is overextend itself, get itself into markets its just not that good at. There has to be a cost/benfit analysis and an analysis of whether ot not they think they can be reasonably effective at it. its an intriguing idea though. I would definiltey like to see apple selling things to people other than just those who use macs. If thay can do it right, i think wallstreet would like to see it too. Right now, their audience is artificially low because apart from the iPod, they don't sell a whole lot to windows users (other than a few bits of software)
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    Well I think that what sells macs (especially recently) is the software such as iPhoto, iMovie,iTunes etc. and the OS, not to say that hardware is not a factor, but I would say its more important for Apple to focus on innovation in software right now instead of an iCal synced alarm clock:rolleyes:
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    I would love to see small Apple devices, but I don't think it's going to happen until Apple has a stronger grip on the industry. Steve cut almost all R&D when he came back as iCEO. The plan is more along the lines of making a few products really well, rather than making a lot of shoddy products. Someone mentioned above that they can easily over-extend their reach; personally, I am already concerned that this will happen again.

    Does anyone have any info regarding sales of eMacs? I have seen them in colleges, but not in the kind of numbers that I used to see early iMacs.

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    Most people are drawn to Apple hardware like sailors by a siren... it is the beauty that gets people looking at Apples...then maybe the software that hooks them into buying it.
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    The problem with switching is that it is expensive. Not only do you have to buy Apple hardware...but you have to replace all software...which depending on what you are using...can be crazy expensive. Luckily a few software makers are prodcing Hybrid discs. If people didn't have to replace software, it wouldn't be a big deal to switch.
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    it's the cleaner operating system which makes the mac more reliable than a pc

    much of the internal guts of a mac are components used in pc machines

    it looks like os x is just now taking off...a year later than i expected

    i will be os x only sometime next year
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    Re: If Apple Is A Hardware Company . . .

    If "New Guy" was an "Old Guy"... it's the premise ... Apple is a lot more than just a harware company. They are extremely diverse, and are making more products all the time.

    For example, look at one of their new offerings - the iPod - isn't that new? People are buying that, and this is helping make people more likely to purchase Apple Computers. The iPod works with Windows as well as Mac.

    Good Post, but everything you suggest is already being done by Apple Computer Inc. - but I think you know that.


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