If I buy an Apple this week will I get a Panther upgrade for free?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by lewdvig, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Assuming Panther comes out this month, will I get a OS upgrade from Apple on a new system bought within 30 days?

    Does Apple have an official policy?

    I have been contemplating a 15" PB. But I want OS X.3. Without having to plunk down $200 CDN for the OS.
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    There is really no know policy about who gets free updates. It is the kind of thing that Apple likes to keep quiet for obvious reasons. I would think you would likely get it but no garuntee.
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    Re: If I buy an Apple this week will I get a Panther upgrade for free?

    At least wait until Wednesday and see what is said....
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    Apple's policy in the past has been that anyone who purchases a new Mac after they announce the release date of the next version of Mac OSX gets it for free. As they have not announced the date yet I would say that you should hold on just a little longer.
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    I can't stand it

    I am also waiting to buy a 15"PB w/10.3 but it's driving me crazy! I'll wait till they make an announcement if I can. I can't stop dreaming about it. I'm not responsible if I sleepwalk into an Apple store and grab one this week. Steve made me do it.

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