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If I delete a movie do I have to pay for it again?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ri0ku, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Just like the title states if I buy a movie from itunes download it... then delete it from my itunes how do I get it back? do i have to find it again in the store and re download and be charged again for it?

    This probably sounds like a stupid question but I never buy anything from itunes... so its a 1st time for me. (Oh also it sucks that you cant resize the albums in itunes 9 anymore.. and have a white background...)
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    It tells you that "you have already purchased the movie, click ok to download it again"
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    I thought this was only for apps?
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    well you see... iv tried doing that but it says "you have already purchased this movie would you like to buy it again?" which would be highly annoying if it charged you again..
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    Unspoken Demise

    Nope, as long as you repurchase it under the same apple ID, it will always be shown as previously purchased, including updated ones.
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    Is this true for just movies? I had never heard of this before outside of Apps.
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    I had purchased three songs, I have them on an external disc and at the time no backup. When the disc crashed and my music was gone I tried to get the songs I'd bought again but iTunes said I had to buy them again. My bad I suppose because I should have burnt a disc. But that was couple of Euros down the drain! :( I would think it's the same for Movies. So be sure to make a backup!
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    that really sucks.... so i guess if you delete something purchased other than an app through itunes and you delete it it must be repurchased. That is crap.... what a rip off.. it should work like Steam when you buy a game it will always be tied to your account so you can delete it and re download as much as you want
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    This metaphor has been used over and over again but it's always valid. If you buy a CD or a DVD in a store and then you lose it, the store doesn't give you another one for free. You're responsible for your belongings.

    Bandwidth costs money. Apple can't just allow people to download things over and over again because they don't backup their files properly. Backing things up isn't difficult. Once you've bought, it's yours, so take care of it.
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    actually digital copies of things you have bought should belong to you through a sytem that you can only download from in this case itunes. Its not a case of losing something.. its more of deleting something to create space. Like i mentioned with the steam thing.. steam have millions of users and games downloaded all the time... some ranging up to the 3gb - 8gb in space and I can download these types of files as much as i want as can everyone else.

    Itunes should do the same thing in my opinion. Sometimes I delete things to create space if i need it. Although the backing up thing is still a thing everyone should do including myself so I do that. I just needed to find out if you can re download a movie without needing to pay again. Because of this I dont think il use itunes to download movies.
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    You cannot. With the exception of applications purchased through the App Store, everything purchased through iTunes is a one-time download. Sorry.

    You can request an exception here: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/
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    Unspoken Demise

    Even songs? I was under the impression it was not App only.

    Sorry OP if I gave you the wrong advice. I could have sworn movies and songs were like apps as long as it was the same apple ID.
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    Correct. You can download each song/video only once, unless you appeal for an one-time exception through the link I provided earlier.

    That's why it's always so important to have a backup of your library. :) HT1382
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    I know Amazon allows you to re-download Amazon Video On Demand purchases, but not Amazon MP3 purchases.
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    Unspoken Demise

    Huh, thank you for the clarification. Good to know!

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