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If I go and buy a new apple tv, will it be jailbreak-able?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by maximus96, Aug 15, 2011.

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    I remember reading there is a new firmware out for the appletv. i've been thinking about buying one to run xbmc. is the latest ones jailbreak-able? thanks
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    Maximus, I just bought the new Apple TV upgrading from a modded 1st gen Apple TV running XBMC because that thing got hot enough to fry an egg on so I had to move it onto the top of my media console. Anyway, I bought mine last week and it came loaded with 4.2 firmware so it was easily jailbreakable. I used Seas0nPass to JB it and installed XBMC from there. It's worked like a champ. I have 2 NAS that it connects to and streams everything (right now I've only set up all my TV and Movie collections). So far it's handled everything I've thrown at it to the point that I moved it out of the living room and into my bedroom. I found a slightly used one on ebay just Saturday to go into the living room. These things so far have met my needs to the tee. Super small, cool, works with both my Harmony One (in the living room) and my Harmony 650 (in the bedroom). My main goal is to replace all PC's that were running WMC with XBMC, the ATV2 is a great choice, throw in Netflix and it's money. Sorry if I over-answered your question.
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    thanks for your help! i'll try my luck at a bestbuy store and hope they don't move their inventory as quick. how is navigation using the stock remote? especially to access menus for subtitles and stuff like that?
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    went out and got one that is on version 4.2.1

    it appears i can use seasonpass or snowbreeze to jailbreak. which one is better? also how can i restore the custom ipsw when I don't have SHSH for 4.2.1 saved?


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