If I jailbreak my new 3G iphone can I still use iTunes and the apps store?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by MrBackUp, Jul 21, 2008.

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    If I jailbreak my new 3G iphone can I still use iTunes and the apps store?

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    Tallest Skil

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    So if I jailbreak it, iTunes will act like I didn't jailbreak it? And do you know the best way to jailbreak a 3G iphone?

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    Tallest Skil

    Best way? Try the only way: Pwnage.
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    If I jailbreak it is there a way to undo the jailbreak?

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    Just jailbreak it...what have you to lose?...at the end of the day if your gonna build a brick wall in your garden you'll allways have a spare brick.
    Cant understand why you guys doit...greed...to be clever...BRAVE?
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    Tallest Skil

    To get apps that Apple doesn't sanction, to have lower-level control over our iPhones, and to use whatever carrier we want (Unlocking requires jailbreaking).
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    Restore with the Apple firmware.
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    Put the phone back into DFU mode and restore using the stock firmware via iTunes -- you'll have a vanilla iPhone and your data. (The process is more complicated if you have unlocked it for use with another carrier.)

    Jailbreaking, altering the OS to work around the chroot jail doesn't brick phones (unless you use ZiPhone) -- unlocking for use with an unauthorized carrier, by changing the modem firmware, can.

    I don't see how "greed" comes into play. Personally, I like having full access to the *nix subsystem of my MacOS devices.
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    Problem is - I'm not seeing any apps available on Cydia really.
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    If I use Pwnage tool 2.0 is there a chance that it may brick my iPhone 3G?

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    mustang_dvs you said "Jailbreaking, altering the OS to work around the chroot jail doesn't brick phones" does that mean that if I jailbreak it with Pwnage tool 2.0, it will not brick?
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    A jailbreak on its own (without unlocking the iPhone - which is not yet possible on the 3G) will NOT brick your phone.

    It is impossible as all it is doing is moving a few files and adding a few things and not touching the data communications part at all.

    A normal restore to Apple firmware will put it back to factory settings.

    Jailbreaks are fully reversible - no risk at all! So go for it!
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    So there's no chance of bricking it.

    Thank you!!!
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    If you're just using the simple mode and are using a "legit" phone, it will not brick, so long as you do not interrupt the software update (and if you do, it's still recoverable).

    If you mess with the bootloader (iPhone firmware) or baseband (modem firmware) -- both only necessary if you're unlocking for use with a non-official carrier -- you run the risk of bricking the phone.
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    I know someone with a powerpc mac. If I use his mac to jailbreak it, will it work with my windows pc after?

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    Once you JB your phone do you not continue to use itunes software updates? And if you did (assuming its not advised) what would happen?
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    Nothing bad will happen to the phone it just won't be jailbroken anymore.
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    Not to be a prick, but do a search. All the questions you are asking have been asked and answered already.
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    obviously you're not an iPhone developer. and you can't unlock a 3g yet, so do yourself a favor, and us, and forget about jailbreaking until there are more apps available via jailbreak. right now it's just developer apps. no themes, no games, no fun stuff. it's all stuff that's way over your (and mine and most people's) head.
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    Well if you want to jailbreak it the easiest way then use JailBreakMe. All you do is go to jailbreakme.com on your iPhone or iPod Touch and it will download the files for you and it takes but less than a minute. Then presto! A jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.

    I know it works for iOS4 but if you have something else it might still work.
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    what does DFU mode mean? how do you do that?
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    I know it's your first post but still. Do you not realize this thread finished 2 years ago?
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    The sad thing is, he actually had to search for this thread.

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