If New MacBooks Come Out Tomorrow, Should I....

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Cyroceon, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Keep my refurb MacBook that was delivered to me Saturday, or should I buy the new one? What do you guys think? I got $150 off the refurb, so it ended up costing me $950 before tax. Since the new ones obviously won't have any refurb models, then I would have to buy it new under education discount. If they aren't changing pricing, that would make the mid-grade MacBook that I got $1299-100=$1199. This would be $250 more than I paid for my MacBook.

    Do you guys think that it would be wise to upgrade? What if the update is a simple processor update? Then again, what if it was aluminum case, multi touch trackpad, thinner, lighter, better processor, and lets say double the ram out of the box? This puts me in a position that I don't necessarily want to be in, however, I do have options because I'm still well within my 14 day return period. Any advice?
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    It's greedy to want to make the wisest computer purchase you can? :confused:

    To the OP, we can't give you good advice until we see specs on whatever comes out tomorrow. It's pointless to speculate when we don't know which model will be updated tomorrow, or what that update will be.
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    I know, I know, but I just want to be ready. I will be on the phone with Apple if the circumstances put me in that position. I have a side question though. I have backed up everything on Time Machine. If I get a new MacBook, when it boots up it will ask me to import right? What will happen? Will it basically mirror my current setup? How about my programs, settings, programs I've installed, etc...?
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    I just bought one last week, so I'll be a little bummed if they release a new one. Especially if they redesign the look! Ahh well, I still have a nice computer. I say yes get the new ones if you can. I mean why not? They'll likely be the same price anyways.
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    just a suggestion.. after purchasing any apple product ( even if it's a gift card ):D...i STRONGLY suggest you stay away from this FORUM for a month or 2... don't go into any apple store as well...

    ENJOY YOUR PURCHASE PEOPLE!! you deserve to be HAPPY... ahhH!:cool:
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    While you make a good point, I am well within my return policy period, and if the update is a drastic one, I might be inclined to switch to the newer one. But once the return policy ends, I will definitely stick with this one, unless I have to sell it.
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    dosent matter, because tomorrow will be a 32gb iphone and 64gb ipod touch

    or how about an all silver ipod touch?

    ...with a scroll wheel?
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    If they were to "Aluminize" the MacBook my 2.2ghz whitebook would be on eBay faster than a speeding bullet.
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    a lot of people will be happy to have your white macbook.. that's for sure!:D
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    See that's the thing, I'm still within my return policy, so I don't even have to throw it on eBay. I can just return it to them, upgrade, and use Time Machine to recover all the work and stuff I put on here the last three days. I think it might be worth it if the updates are anything substantial.
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    I am in the same boat. I just got my 2.4 on Saturday. So now I am in the situation if I want to deal with this or not. All I can say is that I can't believe I have gone so long without one.
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    Why would you have to sell it? :confused:
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    By "have" to sell it, I meant feel the need to sell it because the next model is "that" much better.
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    mine too.

    which kinda makes me feel bad, because i haven't even paid this one off yet :rolleyes:
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    I did this return process when a better model of my car came out. I went to the dealership and demanded a new one. So they exchanged it. So I even tried it with my house! OMFG they exchanged it to a big and better model. So I'm visiting the idea about my wife. Why shouldn't it work? Upgrade to a new and better wife! ;)

    Just keep it. :)
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    I just bought my macbook 3 weeks ago. is there any way i can return it for the new ones?
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    sounds like a TV commercial i just saw..:D
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    Take it back, and wait 6 months for the next update.
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    14 day return policy.
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    no, you're outside the 14 day window. Sorry... but at least you still have an awesome computer. :)
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    you can sell it for 800.. FAST!

    now you're thinking!:D
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    Better hit up ebay and list fast before the new release is announced.
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    How can we help you make a decision without any information?

    We do not know a single pertinent detail regarding the Macbook's that MAY arrive tomorrow.

    I would say if it added an hour of battery life while increasing the processor 5-10% then sure make arrangements to sell to someone naive.
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    i have a friend who bought a macbook like days before the new macbook came out, when it did, he called apple and they replaced the ibook with the macbook. so you can try that out.

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