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If the price of Mac Mini halves, would you buy it over the Eee Box?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iSamurai, Aug 2, 2008.

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    I'm just wondering which computer to replace the ageing family desktop.

    Yeah, the new Eee Box is going for less than half the price of the Mac Mini, although the price is similar, the Mac's specs edges slightly higher than the Eee Box. Which one would you go for if Apple wants to clear its storeroom?
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    I'd buy the Mac mini regardless because of Mac OS X.
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    It depends on what software you want to run...
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    I think you express the feelings of a large number of people here.
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    with the same hardware configuration?
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    Does the Eee Box have a CD/DVD drive, I can't tell. If not, then surely it's more like an Apple TV. Also bear in mind that the Mini runs the latest Apple OS, whereas the Eee Box runs an old version of Windows XP. Also, a new mini bought now will easily be upgradeable to the next Apple OS. The Eee Box will only be useful as long as XP (an already very old OS) keeps going or if you decide to switch to Linux.
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    Having used both, Vista is a downgrade from XP.
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    But what does this mean for the future. What is the next step for those with XP or intending to buy XP, where is their upgrade path - or has the idea of an upgrade path become obsolete?
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    "Slightly higher?" Wow, that's the understatement of the year.

    A recent benchmark test found that even a 1.2GHz C2D had more than twice the CPU power of the 1.3GHz Atom. The 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo CPU in the present mini would do even better than that...
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    With the future Windows 7 coming around, Vista arguments may be mute.

    The mini, is interesting, and as I have a apple keyboard and such, would be reasonable to buy. But, is it worth it in terms of speed?
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    What guarantees are there that Windows 7 will not demand more processing power and memory than Vista? I haven't seen any Windows 7 ready stickers yet.:D
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    Apple Ink

    The only reason I'd own a PC is becuase of heavy computing like Gaming! Rest all is Mac OS so..... I'd love to buy the mini!:D

    P.S.: I do own a high end PC which is strictly for gaming only.

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