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If the white background will be the new multitasking, notification wallpaper

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by TrenttonY, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Does anybody remember the iOS 4 beta multitasking wallpaper? It looks exactly like the white 7 background, maybe its the new multitasking, notification wallpaper.

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    Here's the 7 one.

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    Looks exactly like the "add widget" background in Dashboard in OSX.
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    zomg they r totally adding widgetsss!!!1 conclusive proof rite there. :apple::apple:
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    It's slightly different - if you look carefully you'll see that the colours and pattern aren't the same at all. Otherwise, yeah, exactly the same.
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    Yeah, maybe. I never really liked the dot pattern for widgets, and I'm not sure if I'd prefer that to replace the linen. Alothough the current dot pattern is still very skeuomorphic, compared to the flatter, half-tone like pattern from the banner.
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    Ha, I love this. "If you look carefully you'll notice that one is black and one is white." :D

    Good find though OP. I do recall that multitasking background, it just vanished one day!
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    No, notification Center and background and folders and task manager will be black.
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    Or not.

    We'll know on Monday
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    I hope it isn't, I want something real beautiful since I don't personalize my iphone
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    Drunken Master

    Would be garish for the multitasking bar.

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