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If This Device Interfaced with a Mac, Would Apple Feature the Article on Their Site?

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by pimentoLoaf, Nov 3, 2002.

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    Holy crap that thing is HUGE!!! I wonder how muh it cost him to make that thing.. man....

    Anyways... how the heck would that thing interface with a Mac and what the heck would it be used for? Destroying all PCs within 5 miles of its range?(Hey, actaully that's a great idea :p)

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    Mr. Anderson

    You guys have absolutely no idea!!!!


    That little cannon wouldn't even be able to hold its own against some of these!

    One year I went by the festival, but never went in, I think I might have to go one day, its again another example of the different types of geeks out there. The amount of technology and money used on these cannons and trebuchets is amazing. And the engineers on the projects are dead serious about what they do.

    Ha, and I just read that this years contest in going on this weekend! Old Glory is a monster, take a look at the 2001 Winner.


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    Analyze ballistic trajectories, is one possible use of a Mac-capable punkin cannon...


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