If you like MK on Wii, clap your hands...

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by sam10685, May 29, 2007.

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    Actually don't do that. Just write and say if you do. I'm trying to decide if I should get this.
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    Mortal Kombat? on the Wii? Since when?
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    The release date is today. It's been in the works for a while now.

    Most stores probably won't have it till tomorrow.
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    If you're happy and ya know it, then you really gotta show it...:p

    If you like "Gears of War", stomp your feet...
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    HA! that made me bust up! (i'm thinkin about aa 360 but I've heard they break a lot.)
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    Nah, 360s only break once a year. :eek:

    My friend's nephews are huge MK fans. They would bounce all over the place while playing the XBox version, so I imagine they'll be even more rambunctious while playing the Wii version when it's released.

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    Am i the only one who though Mario Kart for Wii:eek:
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    I'll be getting it soon.
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    Mine's fine. Keep it well ventilated.

    MS products break? Aw, no way...:p
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    I haven't enjoyed a Mortal Kombat since MK3 on the Mega Drive. But I might look into this to see if much has changed since the first batch of 3D MK's.
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    If you like Mountain King on Wii, storm clap your hands...
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    I love MK on my Wii.. the wii controls works really well, also the kart mini game is amazing played with friends but i just created a custom fighter and i dont know what to do with him, how do i play him?
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    Isn't this just the 12 month old PS2 game with Wii-remote KONTROL (see what I did there ;) ) hacked on.

    Hated EVERY 3D MK game - the last few ones were painful to play.
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    I played MK Wii with a friend and I have to say... we really couldn't get the motion controls to work half the time. It's a great idea on paper to have special moves executed through movements, but I think the program has a difficult time deciphering between a half circle and a line. Maybe it was us...who knows, but it was mostly us waving our hands in the air trying to do special attacks. Plus, the D-pad is used for Kicking and Punching and it's not very comfortable to reach all the way up there.

    Luckily, the Classic and the Gamecube controllers are compatible.

    So in all: I think a fighting game made specifically for Wii could definitely work. Unfortunately in this case, the control scheme feels very "ported" and not natural.
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    I didn't think it but i am hoping! Mario Kart is one of the best ninty franchises ever.
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    Jolly good. I've been wanting to use my CC in a Wii game for a while :D and I too would like Mario Kart Wii :eek: it would have to be better than Mario Kart DS. Which is going to be a feat in itself.
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    Knowing Nintendo, that wont be a huge obstacle. :)
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    Nothing is better than Mario Kart DS!!! :mad:

    I have to say that MKDS is why all of my friends bought DSs after me. :)


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