iFrame - G3 iBook Modded Digital Photo Frame

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by OrangeSVTguy, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Well i took one of my iBook G3 600mhz tore it apart and fitted it to a picture frame. Painted the glass black from the back where the screen wouldn't fill. I think I might attach the DVD drive too, but will make it a little thicker.


    I will take some pictures of the back once I finish it. It's still all exposed. I'm making a custom box out of sheet metal that I will paint black to hide it better.

    I will set up remote desktop and use VNC so I'll be able to control it from anywhere.
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    Hehe, sweet mod my friend. Now try it with something a little newer, like a Mac mini. Then you'll have the fastest picture frame on the block :p
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    I thought this would have to do with HTML. Very cool mod! Now if only there was a market for 600mhz G3 photo frames...
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    I think you need to pay attention to that rug! I've never seen anything so yuk!! :p
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    the ones that i've seen used the ibook clamshell. their max resolution is 800x600. the dual usb ones have a screen res of 1024x768 so it's much better for displaying pictures.
    it's still worth $50 or so for just the parts if i wanted to sell it :p

    yeah i know, it's the gf's ;) don't let her know i said that lol

    i'm thinking of putting the powersuppy inside too. need to fine a broken/frayed one.
    oh yeah i'll update the OP with new pics of front and back soon
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    Most definitely would be the fastest photo frame! Man i have got to say that is THE coolest thing i have seen done with a mac..:D

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