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iHome iW1 - Are they all rechargable?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by inck243, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Hey everyone! Merry Christmas!

    My question pertains to the iHome iW1. I want to get it from the rewards catalog that my work has. However, there are two options.

    1. iHome iW1 (it says that it is an iW1 in the description, but does not mention if it's rechargeable) It's 55,000 points.

    2. iHome Wireless Speaker System with Rechargeable Battery. (it does not mention any model number, but the picture looks exactly like the iW1) 75,000 points.

    It also has the Iw2 for 50,000 points, so I'm pretty sure if I order the 55,000 one I wouldn't be getting an iW2 but I guess that's a possibility.

    So my question is: are there any iW1 models that shipped without the rechargeable battery? Because I'm thinking those two items are actually the exact same, and they just accidentally have one for less points. Unless, of course somebody here knows that there were some iW1 models that do not have a rechargeable battery.
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    The first result for a Google search of "iHome iW1" is "iHome iW1 AirPlay wireless audio system with rechargeable battery".
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    Well that's the newest and most popular model so it would, but to the best of everyones' knowledge, were there any earlier variations of the iW1 that do not have a rechargeable battery?
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    No. There is and always has been one model of the iHome iW1.
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    I have to iW1, Nice system, and has a rechargeable battery.

    I'd be suspicious of the point amounts though, the iW1 is def. more expensive then the iW2, due to battery, and touch controls.

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