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iLife '04 Shipping

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 14, 2004.

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    Several readers note that their iLife '04 software orders have started shipping as of today (Jan 14th, 2004).

    Apple's iLife Suite offers iTunes, updated versions of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and Apple's new GarageBand application.

    The $49 product should also become available at local Apple Stores and Apple Resellers on Janaury 16th, 2004.
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    does this mean if I buy that Powerbook I've been looking at today then I will get iLife all pre-installed?

    I hope so.
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    Somebody please post the version number of the new iPhoto because the one that's been floating around (Created 1/02/04, version 4C4) isn't able to show a slideshow on machines without OpenGL and maybe on ones without Quartz Extreme.

    It also funked up my library while updating.

    Someday, I'll learn better... ;)
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    Yay...wonder if my Dad will pay the up-to-date cost. I'm broke right now.
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    i ordered my edu copy the day of the keynote, with the regular ground shipping, and they upgraded me to free 2-day, which pleasantly pleased me, because there was no guarenteed 'order now and recieve by january 16th' like there was for panther.

    go apple.
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    I ordered my copy of iLife on Sunday the 11th and it said delivery on 1/16. I paid $4 for ground shipping and as of a few minutes ago it shows it's set for delivery via 2-day and will ship on or before 1/15.

    For 2-day it better ship today. Hopefully it will go out later this afternoon.
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    It's true....

    Should be in my hands the same day everyone else can get it at an Apple store. I really thought that I'd be seeing this copy around the 19th. Me very happy! :D
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    I ordered an Up-To-Date copy yesterday and I was told that there was no way to track to see when it would arrive. I guess there is no hope of it arriving by Friday since it was ordered that late?
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    Add me to the list... ordered on the 6th and mine just shipped today...

    On another note, copies of both iPhoto 4 and iMovie 4 have been floating around the Net for a week now.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Guess I should get off my rear and order my copy.
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    My iLife

    just got my email from apple YAY its on its way
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    Yup, mine shipped. FedEx doesn't seem to know yet though. GarageBand soon... woo!
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    Mine shipped today, they also upgraded me from ground to 2-day shipping.
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    I tried the 4C4 version on my ibook but haven't used it on my main machine where my libraries are. I've got iLife on order anyway so I can wait to really use it in anger...
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    I hope Apple Europe don't screw this up like they did Panther. Some people who ordered on the day it was announced didn't get their copy until a week after a release :(
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    Wonder Boy

    reserved mine at the uconn bookstore yesterday. its gonna be a happy birthday!
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    idvd requirements

    i know the minimum spec for idvd 4 is 733mhz, but does anyone know if my dual 450 will meet the requirement.
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    I hope mine ships soon... I ordered it the day of the keynote.
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    Aww, I didn't think of that... I should have reserved mine at the RIT bookstore! :cool:
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    Will iDvd now work on a machine without a superdrive?

    Is that the "archive project" part Steve talked about?
  21. arn
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    Re: iDVD


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    has anyone who ordered the iLife 'family pack' had a shipping confirmation yet?
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    Re: Re: iDVD

    that's great...

    now another dumb one...do you know the "arhive" size of a 2 hour iDvd project??
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    According to this page burning DVDs requires an Apple Superdrive. So I'm not sure how useful it would be if you don't have one.
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    I should have ordered earlier. I ordered mine on the Apple UK Education store yesterday and it says it should ship on February 2nd! :(

    Either there's lots of demand, or it's the damn Apple UK efficiency again! :mad: :D

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